Thursday, January 13, 2011

Security Job Search in a Recession January 2011

An email in the Inbox reads exactly like this:

At the suggestion of XXXXXXXX, I forwarded an email (with resume attached) to you on 12.13.10, and followed up with you on the 15th as well as the 27th.

As of this time you have not responded to any of my emails. I understand that often we get busy, and tend to let things slip from our attention. I'd like to think that this is what happened and not the alternative, which is that you ignored my email. Only you know the answer to that concern.

If it is the former of the two, then I'd like to hear back from you as soon as possible. I am in the process of pursuing employment. My hearing back from you would give clear indication of what you might have to offer without my guessing, waiting, and spending more time endeavoring down a road that potentially will not lead anywhere. If you have decided to exercise the later of the the two options, I will also be clear on your interest by your lack of response. If at least a professional courtesy call is not returned, I will then know what my options are and will have discovered that you are not a good contact or viable resource, and can discontinue putting attention, time, and effort in your direction.

I actually would look forward to any response.

Have a great day

Not Good Communication

I called this candidate to let him know that I thought his email was entirely inappropriate. I asked the candidate if he had ever considered using the telephone. He told me that he couldn’t find my phone number. My phone number is all over the website. My phone number is on my LinkedIn profile. It isn’t difficult to find my phone number.

This job seeker has not yet paid his invoice from because we haven’t sent an invoice. An executive search firm is hired by and paid by the client company that pays the search fee. Executive recruiters who understand their role are client driven. Our clients pay our search fees.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t care about candidate. To the contrary, security job candidates are the lifeblood of our business. However, this candidate admits to sending emails on four different occasions. Could it be that his emails added to hundreds of other emails cause him to blend into the crowd?  Absolutely!

How About Using The Telephone

When I asked this candidate if he had ever considered using the phone, I was serious. Email is great for moving documents around but if you really want to make a lasting impression with a data overwhelmed recruiter or for that matter, a data overwhelmed hiring manager, try using the telephone.

Executive Recruiter

Executive recruiters are hired by their clients to find exceptional candidates. Companies that pay search fees will not pay recruiters to deliver resumes of candidates who have excessive job changes. Companies don’t pay search fees to recruiters for the delivery of candidates who achieve at average levels.

Executive recruiters are hired by their clients to deliver talent at the top 20-25% of the bell curve. I build relationships with candidates who are new to me on a daily basis. The most effective candidate approach for me is from the person who uses a combination of electronic and telephone communications.

Multiple Emails

Sending multiple emails doesn’t get my attention. In fact, it does just the opposite by showing me that a security professional may not have the interpersonal skills my clients are always seeking when we deliver top talent.

Relationship Building

Try using the telephone the next time you want to build a new relationship.  Maybe then you'll be asked to send your information to someone who is expecting and is interested in the email you'd like to send.
The fact is that this security job candidate was responded to: Sent: Mon, Jan 3, 2011 7:41 pm's Security Recruiter Blog