Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rise in Security Job Opportunities, Summer 2011

I’m Back!

Greetings from sunny and no longer snowy Colorado!  When it snows from September through May, there comes a point where the body craves a warmer place.  I just returned from white sand beaches in the Caribbean where all the volleyball I could handle was on the menu.  We played volleyball and then more volleyball.  I’m rested and relaxed and ready for my next hockey game.  Oh yeah, I’m also ready to provide several clients with the best service we can possibly deliver when it comes to introducing the right security professionals to organizations that are in need of their skills.

Hopefully, we'll see no additional snow in he mountains of Colorado until September.  Then bring it on for the next ski season.  Right now, my flowers are beginning to bloom.  This is a Columbine, the state flower of Colorado

Now we’re back to the business of security recruiting.  Just before leaving for this trip, we were handed multiple information security jobs from one of the world’s largest privately held companies.   If you’re mobile, consider this.  Our client is located in a city of a half million where the cost of living comes in at 81 on a scale of 100 where average city USA is 100.  A similar Threat and Vulnerability Management job we're working on in Connecticut is in a location where cost of living is 160 on the same 100 scale.
This company will pay an above average market rate for great talent and they'll pay for your relocation.  These are newly created security jobs in a shared services environment where your work would be supporting a dozen lines of business also owned by our client.  Opportunity for growth is endless.  Opportunity to enhance your lifestyle by paying less to live and earning more is the best I’ve ever seen in all of my years of recruiting.

Threat and Vulnerability Assessments
This topic is becoming a hot topic in that we’re looking for threat and vulnerability assessment skills in Connecticut, Kansas and California.  While each job has its own description and all three positions are slightly different, the point is that all three of these major global companies are putting more emphasis than they ever have before on proactively identifying threats to their cyber security environment.

The Security Job Market

I read every day from sources such as the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The Economist, Harvard Business review, etc.  Each of these sources and many more are producing articles an opinions regarding the state of the job market in the United States.
Most of the articles I read are not painting a very positive picture of the job market in general.  They talk about manufacturing jobs being sent overseas, technology jobs being outsourced, etc.

One of the reasons we moved out of general IT and into information security in the 1990s was driven by speculation that even if US companies were to outsource their IT to other countries, they might still want to control security from the US.  So far, we’ve found this assumption to be true in enough cases that we can presently report job growth in the information security job sector.

In recent months, demand for’s security recruiting services has been increasing.  In many cases, we’re not just seeing one job land on our desk.  We’re seeing security jobs come to us in multiples.  This is great news for us as security recruiters and it is great news for you as a security professional.

Current Security Job Searches
On the Security Job board today, you’ll find Threat and Vulnerability jobs in Connecticut and Kansas.

In the next 24 hours I’ll be adding a new Senior Security Analyst role in Woodland Hills, California that again places a significant amount of emphasis on proactively assessing threats and identifying potential vulnerabilities to a global company’s infrastructure.
In our pipeline are cyber security jobs in Dallas, Texas.  We’re constantly looking for new searches that require our security recruiting expertise and our phone is ringing with inbound calls from companies that seek out our services.

Keep an eye on the Security Jobs page of as it is dynamically changing as new security jobs arrive.

Signing Out

Until next time, I hope you enjoy this Caribbean sunset nearly as much as we did.'s Security Recruiter Blog