Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Restaurant Breach Fraud, Cyber Security Jobs

While on a recent road trip, my wife and I shared several discussions regarding how we should be paying bills along the way. This article from BANKINFO Security adds fuel to our discussion.

You've no doubt heard talk about doing away with cash in favor of a paperless society; a society where financial transactions are conducted with plastic cards. Until restaurants, hotels and retailers in general can be sure that their point of sale systems are secure, why would anybody want to be restricted to a paperless payment system where we're forced to use a credit card or a debit card to pay for a business transaction?

Big Data Breaches Are Closer To You Than You Might Think

This time last year, was working on a security job search to find an Information Security Architect. The hiring manager connected to this search turned out to be a problem for us as did the human resources representative who was assigned to us but who wouldn't return phone calls.  After several weeks of dealing with this unprofessional behavior, we chose to walk away from the search and we don't know if the job was ever filled.

You'll no doubt be deeply intrigued by the details of this significant story I'll share at some time in the future.

The point of bringing up this Cyber Security Architect example is that the company that owned this search has been hacked. They were hacked at precisely the point of entry where the Information Security Architect we were engaged to find would have been applying their skills and expertise to fill holes in this company's cyber security armor.

If I were at liberty to tell you what company this was and if I were able to mention the size of their breach, you'd likely be thinking about whether you should ever share your credit card on-line with another business in the future.

New Cyber Security Leadership Jobs

Very soon, I'll be on the phone with a human resources executive who works for a company that is in the same industry sector as the company I've referenced above. This company reached out to me to discuss the possibility that we'll be able to help them fill a cyber security job at the leadership level in a stealth mode.

Why conduct this search in a stealth mode and what does that mean? It means that this job will not appear on this company's corporate website. This job will not be posted on a major job board by this company. This job will exist in what many refer to as the hidden job market. The job is real and somebody's career will advance when they step into this job but this company is wisely turning to a security recruiting specialist for guidance.

This is a very intelligent move on this company's part. I've always wondered why more companies don't conduct their security job searches in more of a confidential stealth mode.

Though we're working hard every day to surface new corporate security jobs as well as new information security jobs, industry demand continues to be strongest from the cyber security job side of major corporations that reach out to for recruiting help.

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