Thursday, August 11, 2011

Facebook Gets It Right With Outstanding Customer Service

An Intellectual Property / Trade Name Challenge

In an effort to improve the user experience when they’s Facebook business page, I invested in the neighborhood of 2 hours yesterday trying to come up with an appropriate business page name for the page. 

I’ve learned a few things about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and have had some success in coming up with appropriate keywords and buzz words for the positioning of  Yesterday I was simply trying to come up with an intelligent name by which would be known on Facebook.
A pretty easy task you might think but not so simple when you start working on the solution.

I must have tried 100 or more security jobs and security recruiting related keywords that lined up with’s brand and purpose but every word or word combination I came up with was gone.  Next, I put in the name of my own company and just like everything else, any combination of terms with my own trade name was gone as well.
I scrolled down to the Intellectual Property section of the page I was on and found out that I could send a petition to Facebook to challenge the use of my registered trade name. 

Thank You Facebook!
In less than 24 hours, someone from Facebook responded to my request with a resolution.  After reviewing the information I provided to identify as my brand, trade name and URL, I was granted the right to use as a name for my company's Facebook business page.
Great Customer Service

My personal experience suggests that it is somewhat rare to find outstanding customer service in this age of ecommerce everything.  After learning how a Facebook employee worked to help me resolve a highly frustrating situation, I wasted no time in sending back an appropriate thank you note.

This experience for which I didn’t have any grand expectations turned out to be an outstanding customer service experience.
I’m now motivated to work hard to make the business page on Facebook an outstanding page.  To that end, I’m meeting with an Internet Marketing Consultant this weekend to discuss positive changes we can make to the page so it serves the needs of our security skilled audience.'s Security Recruiter Blog