Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Is Facebook Really Secure? Read This To Find Out!

I’ve recently been approached more than once by someone asking for my opinion regarding Facebook security.  I’m in the people business but the people I know are some of the smartest information security or cyber security professionals in the world so I have plenty of directions to turn to get opinions on cyber security issues.  For today’s topic, I'm not talking about security jobs and I don’t have to turn to my cyber security experts to come up with an answer.

Criminal Intelligence Revealed
Right now, today, real-time, someone who is connected to me on Facebook is taking a trip.  How do I know?  Because they posted on several occasions over the past few days to let their friends know when they were leaving and where they were going.  They even showed a picture of the door closing on the back of the overstuffed vehicle they would be driving on a cross country trip.  A trip that would include at least a 22 hour drive in each direction plus the time they’d actually be away from home enjoying their vacation.

So what is the big deal?
Put on the hat of a criminal for just a few moments.  What if you as the criminal were following posts from the person I’m referring to?
  • You would now know that this person’s house is empty. 
  • You’d know how far from home the homeowners were driving. 
  • You’d have a pretty good idea how long the homeowners would be gone.  Follow the posts long enough and you might know the precise day when these people would get home.
  • You’d know precisely how long you would have to break into these people’s house.
  • You’d know how long you would have to clean out the house in any manner you might choose.
All this information is publicly available simply by monitoring many people’s Facebook posts.  Facebook is a great tool for keeping in touch.  Just make sure you’re keeping in touch with the right people.'s Security Recruiter Blog