Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Must Watch Relationship Video and a Denver LinkedIn Networking Opportunity

More Thoughts on Relationships

A few days ago, a LinkedIn connection of mine posted a YouTube video called “Real World 101” that was very amusing to watch but it also frames the state of communication and relationships in today’s society. If you need a laugh, I strongly suggest carving out 8 minutes to watch this video that I didn’t create.

Two weeks ago I read an article in the Harvard Business Review entitled “Don’t Send That Email. Pick Up The Phone!”

Why do videos that make fun of social networking and articles that encourage live communication cause me to write? Employers are challenged to find people in all facets of their business who understand communication and relationships.

Employers reach out to to fill security jobs. You probably already knew that. What you might not know is that more often than not, the jobs we’re challenged to fill are open and require specialized talent to fill because the employer is unable to find business professionals who communicate at an executive level and who know how to create value. Finding and delivering these types of people is what we do for our clients.

What Does This Mean?

No matter where one is in their security career development, it is never too late to improve one’s communication and relationship building skills. Perhaps the upcoming Security Career Coaching programs offered through could be helpful to you.

A Networking and Relationship Building Opportunity

On November 29, an event is taking place in Denver, CO that will bring over 500 open networkers together. It is a holiday even put on by Integrated Alliances. Click on the Integrated Alliances link to learn more and to register for free on-line if you're in Colorado.

I’ve been invited to this event and I get to walk around with some kind of badge that designates that I’m sitting on a LinkedIn network that others should want to connect to. I’m looking forward to seeing my network grow as a result of attending this event but even more than that, I’m looking forward to meeting lots of people face-to-face. Maybe someone in that group can benefit from the value provides.'s Security Recruiter Blog's Security Recruiter Blog