Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Security Career Speaking Opportunities and New Relationships

ISSA, ISACA and LinkedIn Speaking Opportunties
In September, I was fortunate to have been invited to speak to the CISO Forum and the ISSA in Los Angeles.  One week ago, I was fortunate again to have been invited to speak to the North Texas ISACA.

Someone in the ISSA-LA audience is connected to the CIO Forum in Los Angeles.  He has discussed with me the idea of having me come back to LA to speak to his CIO group.

This person wrote:

"Thank you so much for your time last week. The information and trending insight were invaluable. I look forward to following up with you regarding the possibility of extending the discussions and partnership with Evanta and the CISO / CIO Executive Summits."
Someone in the Dallas ISACA audience came to his first ISACA meeting in order to hear me speak and to also meet me prior to our breakfast the following morning.  He normally attends ISSA meetings in Dallas.

This person kindly wrote:

"Having been an ISSA member for some time and having met Jeff via telephone in the past, I was anxious to hear him speak and to meet him in person at the recent ISACA Dallas event.  I was equally impressed with what Jeff presented as well as how he related to the audience.  Jeff presents very critical and key preparation and relationship factors that must be present for anyone wanting to strategically plan out their next career move.  Jeff embodies mentorship, the gift of coaching, as well as keen insight into the security industry into an unparalleled recruiting relationship and product."
What is it that I’m speaking to these groups about?  Career progression for technology professionals is the general topic.  Those who can communicate verbally and in written forms and those who understand the value of relationship building are seeing more opportunities for security career progression.

LinkedIn For Business Training

This week I was in Denver, CO for a very different speaking / training opportunity.  A close friend works for a company that is IBM’s largest business partner in the United States.  The sales leader of this organization in Denver was looking for a way to generate more leads for his sales team.  My friend Mark suggested to his boss that he knew someone right here in Colorado who had a very large LinkedIn network.  Mark’s boss asked him if his friend had figured out how to create business value with his LinkedIn network.  Mark told his boss that I in fact had been creating business value around SecurityRecruiter.com for quite a while.

One of the sales guys in this group took immediate action following my presentation and became connection number 24,000 to me on LinkedIn earlier this week.

This person writes:

“Jeff, thanks for your time today ... your presentation was a real eye-opener.”
His colleague writes:

“Hi Jeff, can't thank you enough for all of the information today.  I spent the last three hours making changes and improvements to my profile.  I already have two nice recommendations as well.”
What is the point?

The longer I recruit and the more society changes, I’m personally learning that no matter how much technology enables our ability to build networks and to gather business intelligence, there is nothing in the world that can substitute for one-on-one human communication that leads to relationships.

My relationships nearly always start out over the telephone by nature of what I do in a national security recruiting search practice.

What came to me from building new relationships?

While in Los Angeles, I was fortunate to meet many people whom I’d previously only known from telephone relationships.  One of those relationships led to an interview that became an article yesterday in Tom’s IT Pro.  The article is called “Infosec Recruiting Secrets”.

While I Dallas, I met many CISO level individuals whom I’d only known from telephone conversations.  I met some of the nicest people I’ve met in a long time in Dallas. The pleasure in these meetings was all mine.

What comes next?

While my crystal ball broke around the time of the Dot Com Bust, I have a feeling that new security jobs and maybe new privacy jobs may be coming my way.  That means I'll have future opportunities for you.

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