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LinkedIn: 26,000+ Direct Connections for SecurityRecruiter.com

Busy Months For LinkedIn Network Growth

Over the past few months, my LinkedIn network has been growing like a weed.  When I was in Los Angeles to speak to the ISSA-LA and CISO Forum in September, I remember Stan Stahl PhD, President of ISSA-LA, making a big deal in front of the audience about my LinkedIn network hitting 22,000 that night.  Someone in the ISSA audience was my 22,000th connection.

LinkedIn For Business Training

When I provided a LinkedIn For Business training to a group of technology sales professionals in Denver, CO back in December, one of the attendees in the audience was my 24,000th connection.  This is what one person in the audience of technology sales professionals had to say about the LinkedIn For Business training I brought to their office in December of 2011.

“Jeff is a proven leader in the IT industry, and specifically the area of security and coaching. I have had the opportunity to get to know Jeff the past 5 years, and he has provided valuable insight to me as an IT professional. Having over 20yrs of IT and business experience myself, I have rarely met anyone with the knowledge and experience Jeff has and the ability to deliver this information to his audience. Jeff recently presented to our group of professionals an overview of using LinkedIn as a business tool.  Incredible knowledge and depth of not only the tool but provided specific uses as it related to our industry. Jeff has a strong business background and outstanding presentation skills. I would highly recommend bringing Jeff in as a speaker for your group for coaching or the use of industry tools like LinkedIn to help your professionals.”  December 19, 2011
1st Mark Rodholm, Acct. Exec., Sirius Computer Solutions

Today, my network surpassed the 26,000 direct connection mark.  Why does this matter?

·         A Network of Security Professionals:  I am likely sitting on the world’s largest network of security professionals.  The companies that call on SecurityRecruiter.com looking for security talent to hire benefit from my ability to reach out to so many highly skilled security professionals through direct recruiting.
·         Unlimited Resources:  When security professionals reach out to me for information, I’m usually only one phone call away from getting to the information I need to help my clients.  This includes the companies that turn to me to fill security jobs as well as security professionals who turn to me for security career consulting services.
·         Business Intelligence:  As I teach professionals how to leverage LinkedIn for Business, I’m able to demonstrate on the spot my ability to get to business intelligence.  If you are in a job search, you could benefit from having more business intelligence.  If you’re in sales, marketing or business development of any kind, you could benefit from business intelligence.
·         Direct Sales:  LinkedIn has enabled me to put my brand and experience in front of companies that need help with their security recruiting.  What I can tell these perspective clients about my experience is one thing but what others have been so kind to share about their experiences working with my by way of LinkedIn Recommendations has been helpful in ways that I can’t measure.


I’ve recently sat in on presentations, watched videos and have read articles, newsletters, blogs and books written by “LinkedIn Experts” who have been using LinkedIn for half as long as I have and whose networks are less than half the size of my network. 

I’m not sure what constitutes one as a “LinkedIn Expert” but it seems to me that an expert should have a deeper than average understanding of the various functions of LinkedIn. 

A “LinkedIn Expert” would likely be an early-adopter who jumped into LinkedIn in the 2004-2005 time-frame before LinkedIn was a popular networking platform and has learned through trial and error what works and what doesn’t work so well within the LinkedIn networking environment. 

A “LinkedIn Expert” would very likely be someone who has figured out how to leverage the power of LinkedIn for branding, marketing and profit.  Profit in a B2B format rather than just B2C profit from selling books, videos and seminars to show individuals how to build a LinkedIn profile.

Get LinkedIn Training

As an individual, if you wonder how to leverage the power of LinkedIn to grow and advance your career, I have a solution.

If you are the person in a company who is responsible for the growth of your company’s sales or perhaps you’re responsible for finding channel partners, I can show you how to tap into the power of LinkedIn in a proactive and professional way to:

·         Identify Key Decision Makers
·         Gather Business Intelligence
·         Reach Key Decision Makers
·         Exchange Value and Make Money

To learn more about how you too could be leveraging LinkedIn For Business, call Jeff Snyder at 719 686 8810.

One more thing, if you've reached a point where you want to build your LinkedIn network, this technique worked for me and it just worked for the person who wrote this recommendation.
"So I’m at 936 connections and leveraging LinkedIn as much as possible.  When we met for lunch back in November (ish) I was approaching 200.   Seems like I should celebrate when I hit the first 1000!"  (This message came to me last week.  John followed my advice and look where he is today.  Click John's name below and send him an invite if you wish.  He is an Open Networker)
John followed my advice and used Open Networker as one of the techniques to build his LinkedIn network.  Though I can't tell you exactly how fast your network will grow, I can tell you that 3.5 years ago, my network was at 7,000 direct connections and today, I surpassed 26,000 direct connections.  In early December, John's network was at 200 and it is now approaching 1,000 direct connections.  This system works! 

“Jeff is well known within the IT industry and has an impeccable reputation as a senior security recruiter for cyber and corporate security. That said, my experience with Jeff started when I attended one of his speaking engagements on the topic of social media and specifically LinkedIn. Jeff has been using and evaluating social media as it develops and had the foresight several years ago to recognize the value of LinkedIn and became an early adopter. If you have not yet leveraged LinkedIn or need to understand more about its capabilities and how to use it in conjunction with other formats I would highly recommend attending one of Jeff's session. He is an excellent public speaker and subject matter expert on LinkedIn who ignores the temptation to work from a script and as a result you are likely to learn a great deal more than you anticipate. I highly recommend Jeff and a speaker or mentor on the topic of social media as it pertains to the business environment and specifically LinkedIn.” December 8, 2011 
1st John Belcher, Senior Sales Executive, Sirius Computer Solutions
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