Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Social Media for Job Search, LinkedIn Job Search Strategies

Today, I read an article about social networking and job search that suggested it might be impossible to keep one’s job search confidential if the individual is using social networking to find a new job.  Difficult...perhaps.  Impossible...not so.

Some don’ts to consider when using Social Media for job search:

·         Tweeting to tell friends about your latest interview probably isn’t the best idea.

·         Updating your Facebook status to tell your friends about your latest interview probably isn’t the best idea.

·         Updating your LinkedIn status with an announcement that you’ll be out of the office this afternoon because you have an interview probably isn’t the best move you could make.

·         Placing your resume on-line just to draw attention to it and then trying to explain to your employer that you’re not looking for a job probably isn’t the best idea.

Some ideas to consider when searching for a job:

·         Sending your resume to a reputable recruiter who is specialized in recruiting your skill set for the purpose of building a relationship that gets you onto that recruiter’s radar screen when new searches hit their desk is a very good idea.

·         Building out your LinkedIn profile and keeping it built out all the time, not just when you’re in a job search mode is a good idea.  If you only beef up your LinkedIn presence when you’re looking for a job, you’ll likely get caught.  Build a complete professional profile and keep it up-to-date all the time.  Nobody will know when you’re actually open to making a professional change.

·         You don’t have to check the box at the bottom of your LinkedIn profile suggesting that you’re open to Career Opportunities.  A true recruiter, one who recruits and builds relationships rather than an e-cruiter, one who only searches the Internet for resumes will call on you whether your LinkedIn profile indicates that you’re open to Career Opportunities or not.  This is a good!  A recruiter won’t necessarily call on you however if you’re profile doesn’t do a great job in differentiating you from the 135M and growing LinkedIn crowd.

·       There are opinions that accepting invitations to connect on Social Networks when they come from recruiters is bad.  Become an OpenNetworker where you connect to anyone in the business community, particularly on LinkedIn, the world's largest and fastest growing business network.  Then, when a recruiter invitation arrives in your Inbox, it isn’t a big deal.  You accept all invitations to connect whether you’re in an active job search mode or not.
·        Why not just send highly specialized recruiters intivitations to connect on LinkedIn?  If you connect to recruiters when you're not in a job search mode, who's going to know when you are in a job search mode?
Advanced ideas to consider when searching for a job:

·        Build a LinkedIn network proactively so that when you need to tap into the network, it is already there.  Don’t wait until your ship is taking on water and you’re about to drown to become an active networker.

·         Seek out recruiters who specialize in placing your skill set.  Get to know these recruiters before you need them and invest time periodically to foster these relationships so when you need a particular recruiter, a relationship is already established.  Think of a recruiter relatinoship like a cactus.  It doesn't require constant attention but a little water here and there is good to keep the cactus or the recruiter relationship alive.

·         Build a LinkedIn profile that is search engine optimized.  Build a LinkedIn profile that is loaded with keywords and buzzwords that point to your skills. Build a LinkedIn profile that is loaded with accomplishments, value and contribution so the person who reads your profile can tell that you’re a producer in your professional life.   Again, don’t do this just at the time when you’re searching for a job or your HR department may be calling you to find out why you’re looking.

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