Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Information Security Professionals, Please Help a Peer

A Rising Corporate Security Star

I have a corporate security rising start friend who started her career in a federal agency, moved into global banking, earned an MBA and is constantly on the move to make herself more valuable to the business.  She takes my concept of Personal Stock Value seriously!

She reached out to me recently asking if I could connect her to information security professionals who could lead her to information she needs to continue building her personal portfolio of knowledge.  For this kind of effort, I'm always willing to help. She is determined to make herself a most valuable player as her career progresses and highly coveted Chief Security Officer Jobs open up.

Would you consider answering a few questions so I can help this eager corporate security leader to continue to increase her value to the businesses she serves?

Background:  Female security executive with business, leadership and physical security expertise looking to expand knowledge and her ability to converse confidently in information security risk management.

  1. What are the go-to resources for staying current on information security risk management trends?
  2. What are the best knowledge-building resources to gain credible information security expertise? 
  3. In your opinion who is the most well respected person in information security?
  4. Who could you recommend as a mentor in information security?'s Security Recruiter Blog