Friday, February 24, 2012

The Number One Mistake People I Interview Are Making These Days

The Number One Mistake People I Interview Are Making These Days:

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Though I didn't write this article, it is a short but powerful article that should be read. Earlier today, yesterday and the day before, I shared discussions with security job candidates about the importance of post-interview thank you notes. Thank you notes don't have to be dissertations but they should:

Thank the interviewer for his / her time
Bring up a key point that came out in the interview where the interviewed person knows they can add value to the prospective new employer
Ask for another meeting

While email is quick and inexpensive for delivering a thank you note and is better than doing nothing at all, think about a hand-written note.

Why a Hand-Written Thank You Note?

Over the past 10 or so years, I have received a total of 3 hand-written thank you notes. To this day, I remember precisely who sent me hand-written thank you notes even though I may not have spoken with these individuals in a long time. The impression these individuals left on me by doing what virtually nobody else does anymore was and is a lasting impression.'s Security Recruiter Blog