Thursday, February 09, 2012

The World Needs More of this Positive Behavior

True friends are hard to come by but I’m fortunate to have a few.  It takes so little effort to make another person’s day and that's often what being a friend can mean.  Making someone's day.  

The other day, I was sharing both business challenges and business success stories with a friend I’ve known for several years from the telephone.  This isn't just any friend. This friend was one of the first female graduates years ago from the FBI Academy.  Under her hardcore law enforcement surface is a warm-hearted, caring human being whom I have grown to appreciate.

This particular friend was there for me following my totally unexpected heart attack in 2010 and she continues to be a source of support and encouragement today.  These few words brightened my day earlier in the week.

Thank you for the kind words on linkedin, It was so nice of you!!!  I really enjoyed talking to you yesterday but I always do... You are pretty fascinating. I am thrilled that you seem to be feeling good. I will be calling xxx xxxx on Monday.
One day later, another friend whom I’ve only known from the telephone since 2001 came along and made my day.  He introduced me to someone in his circle of local friends in Kansas City who brought a business proposition to me that I can’t refuse.  Later that day, this friend shared this in an email.
You are such a great man and earnest in your desire to provide a good product and honest business dealing.  I love and respect you for that... always have… I am not pandering.. .you know that I am honestly encouraging you to never give up.  Besides there is too much new snow to enjoy.
Can you tell that this friend knows I have a passion for skiing?

Yesterday, these words came to me from my executive leadership coach.
Thanks for continuing to share your news and progress. You are an inspiration. I can only understand from a distance the challenges you and your wife have had during this difficult time. It sounds like you are well on your way to reinventing yourself. If I can be of help, you know where I am.

Such simple words shared at just the right time by all three of these people made all the difference in my day and better yet, my entire week.
Today, a friend shared a posting on Facebook.  It read like this.

Broke my binding last week at Ski Cooper. Put a Wanted to Buy on and someone from Grand Junction is just sending me an binding from their extra bin. FREE! What a great community! Good Karma to Pealer.
The world would be different if more people would take just a minute out of their day from time-to-time to say, write or do something for someone else expecting nothing in return.

No, this isn’t a blog about security jobs today.  Although I do have new security jobs in the pipeline, I’ll share news of these opportunities another day.

Today, I just felt like sharing a little bit of the brightness that others have recently brought into my life.  Whose day could you brighten today with a few kind words, something nicely written or something nicely done?’s SecurityRecruiter Blog's Security Recruiter Blog