Monday, February 13, 2012

The World Needs More of this Behavior…Continued From Last Week

Cyber Security News and Vulnerability and Patch Report

Normally on a Monday, I share Dr. Stan Stahl’s Cyber Security News for the Week and his Vulnerability and Patch Report.

The truth is that getting Dr. Stahl’s material ready for the Security Recruiter Blog takes a significant amount of my time on Sunday nights.  My DSL was out all weekend due to a blown DSL modem.  I’ll get back to sharing Dr. Stahl’s material next Monday but today, I want to focus on a blown DSL modem.

CenturyLink, Outstanding Customer Service

Wait!  Before you check out, I’m not really going to write an entire story about a modem.  What I do want to share is a positive story about great customer service.

My wife called CenturyLink (formerly Qwest in Colorado) first thing this morning to report our DSL outage.  Within 30 minutes a CenturyLink repair person was knocking on the door. 

Yes, we got lucky.  Our trouble ticket was added to the repairman's list of things to do for the day after his day started and after his van started rolling.  He must have been in our area to start his day.  Luck or not, I enjoy sharing good news.  The good news is that by 9 AM, a new modem was in place and I made it to my 12 Noon on-line executive coaching class. 

It was a good thing that I made it to class today because today’s class was one of the most important coaching classes I’ve attended to date.  I’ll share a little bit about what made this class so valuable in tomorrow’s blog.

Fine Tuning a Process

Just one thought for CenturyLink, when someone’s DSL is down, calling the customer to tell them a repair person is on the way is a better option than sending an email.  How is someone who has no DSL supposed to get their email?

New Security Jobs Coming

Stay tuned as this week progresses as it appears that I have new cyber security jobs coming together with a company that is investing over $1Billion per year into technology innovation and just reported a dividend payout that is 10% stronger than what analysts expected.'s Security Recruiter Blog