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Verizon's Stratton: The Future Of IT Is Mobile And Cloud - Forbes

Verizon's Stratton: The Future Of IT Is Mobile And Cloud - Forbes:

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The Cargo Ship

One of my current clients is an East Coast global Fortune 50 company that produces over $50 Billion in yearly revenue.  This company employs nearly 400,000 people worldwide.  By all accounts, this is a very successful company and their stock is one you’d likely want in your portfolio for long-term consistent returns.  Working with this client requires a significant amount of patience from me and from the security job candidates I put in front of the organization because they’re in no hurry to do anything and the decision makers I’ve encountered to date are in no hurry to take action even though the world outside their company walls is changing rapidly. Think of this company as an ocean going cargo ship.  It moves at a slow and steady pace and definitely gets to where it is going but it doesn't turn on a dime.

The Speed Boat

On the West Coast of the United States, I'm working with a company of 400 people that recently went public.  In this environment, there are no mainframes, no legacy systems and very little bureaucracy as far as I can see.  My point of contact in this company is very intelligent.  He moves quickly, takes action when action needs to be taken and is decisive.  This company is a Software as a Service (Saas), Cloud Computing environment that is full of innovative game changing minds.  Think of this type of this company as a speed boat. It moves fast, is nimble and has the ability to turn on a dime.

Cloud Computing and Mobile

As I've written in previous blogs, my habit of reading an article or two every day tends to kick my mind into gear first thing in the morning and causes me to think.  Today's Forbes article is full of someone's opinions and ideas around Mobile and Cloud Computing, topics that I’m deeply interesting in tracking and learning more about.

I don't know if the article’s opinions are all right or not buy my gut tells me that there is truth in this article.  I make this statement based on my personal experience recruiting talent for a fast moving cloud computing company.  They’re building game-changing solutions.  Assuming that there are many cloud computing / mobile solution developers out there, the game really is about to change.

Job Change or Career Move

Before you start looking for your next security job or better yet, before you consider your next security career move, I suggest that you put significant thought energy into determining what kind of corporate culture and corporate business model represents your best fit. If you need help to reach this point of clarity, get help!

Best Fit

What do you get when you step into a job that aligns with your best fit?

·         Significantly increased job satisfaction
·         You’ll find energy, creativity and innovation that might not have been bubbling to the surface previously
·         You’ll work around people who will stimulate and motivate your best work
·         You’ll find employment that you’ll likely not want to leave anytime soon

These are just a few ideas that come to mind. 

At this moment, I have virtually the same jobs to fill with the Cargo Ship Company and with the Speed Boat Company.  The same technical skills will qualify a security professional to step into either company.

In either case, the security professional who has the desired application security skills CAN do the job.  Making a “CAN DO” decision will generate a job change.  Making a “SHOULD DO” decision is much more likely to generate a strong career move.

Can Do, Should Do….What’s the Difference?

As part of my Security Career Coach activities, I help my clients to find clarity around the topic of what they “Should Do” rather than settling for what they “Can Do”. 

I’ve built a process with several steps that takes my clients from the “Can Do” state of mind to the “Should Do” state of mind.  Frequently, after my client’s discover clarity around what they “Should Do”, the next step is to build a security resume that is razor sharp, crystal clear and is aligned with the individual’s personal mission.

Just Yesterday

Yesterday, I debrief a security professional who interviewed with my Speed Boat client.  This individual also happened to be one of my Security Career Coach and Security Resume Writing clients.  As I listened to the candidate tell me about his phone interview, an interview that was set up in less than 5 minutes once my client saw this candidate’s clear and sharp resume, I heard a level of excitement I’d never before heard in this candidate’s voice.

I placed this person 5 years ago so I have significant experience with this individual and I know how to read him.  He would tell you that.

One day he’ll write up his story for me to share with you but for now, I’ll tell you that this candidate shared with me that he has never before stood in front of his “dream job”.  He has settled for exchanging his time for money up to this point in his 25 year career.  Yesterday, he believed he had just found his “dream job”, his “Should Do” situation.

Now we wait to find out what my client thinks.


Find the work you “Should do” and you may not feel like you’re going to work any longer.

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