Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Security Resume Writing Success

I haven’t shared my thoughts on resume writing in a while but this morning a couple of different things got me going.  First, I received a CISO resume that was written in choppy incomplete sentences and I could only get through the first half of it before my attention span diminished.

When I first speak to my security resume writing clients, I explain the process a resume goes through when it lands in either a recruiter’s office or in the office of an HR professional in a large corporation.
What You're Up Against

I explain how fancy fonts, unnecessary symbols and template boxes frequently do not play nicely with applicant tracking systems.  It is my belief that a security resume today needs to pass a technology buzz word test.  An effective security resume needs to be reviewable in 10-15 seconds from top to bottom and finally the resume needs to be written in a way that will make sense to a CFO, a Controller, a business person who doesn’t eat and breathe security buzz words.
A Poorly Written CISO Resume

After stumbling through this poorly written CISO resume that did little to nothing to tell me as the reader what this particular candidate had accomplished in business terms, I decided to go to Google to do a search on security resume writing to see where my work was sitting.
Through this search, I found a “professional resume writing service” that claims to write the best Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) resumes on the planet.  They offered a free look at sample resumes.  I looked at their samples and found myself picking apart each sample.

Pretty Resumes

These samples were pretty samples of pretty resumes.  When you’re a corporate security professional for example and you’re competing against 500 of your peers, the last thing you need is a pretty resume.  You need a resume that is functional, well organized and powerful in the way it communicates business solutions you’ve created for previous employers. 
I’m not suggesting that a great security resume has to be ugly.  What I am suggesting is that a pretty resume that has no substance will leave you standing on the outside of the interview process.

A Selective Service

Through my Security Resume Writing service, I don’t take on a lot of clients.  I take on clients when I believe I’ve run into a security professional who has something special to offer the industry.  When I find this kind of security professional, I enjoy assisting them to create a resume that opens doors.
These high achievement individuals are simply fun to work with as clients.
I can share my opinions and I can tell you all about my security resume writing services but I always prefer to let others do the talking for me.

Why would you want to work with Jeff Snyder to help you create a stellar resume?

·         I’ve sat between job seekers and those who hire job seekers for over 20 years.  I know precisely what hiring decision makers are looking for in a security professional’s resume.

·         A resume is a marketing document.  I have a Marketing degree and have found creative ways in which to leverage my original education.

·         My security resume writing clients are getting interviews with their new resumes.  That is the bottom line.

Recent Security Resume Writing Testimonials

“One more great thing I'm sure you will love to hear. I met with guys yesterday exploring a security position. They told me my resume got their attention because it was focused, gives details without being very verbose like other resumes they see. As you said, the new resume stood up against other resume and won.  So thank you very much again :)”
Sr. Security Engineer

“I'd like to thank you for helping me craft a superior resume. I have one job offer imminent and more interest from other employers. I am a very satisfied customer and can't thank you enough for the help you've given me.”  Information Security Engineer

“Jeff's rewrite of my resume more than doubled inquiries overnight. And it increased my targeted job submission responses from less than 10% to almost 50%!”
Identity and Access Manager Security Architect

“I think this resume is outstanding and I really appreciate your help.  I won't hesitate to pass your name to others looking for help with their resumes.”  Law Enforcement Sargent
“This resume looks great! Thank you.”  Global Chief Information Security Officer

“Looks great! I think we can mark this down as "completed." Thank you for all your help in this matter, it's extremely valuable to me!” Security Engineer
“The resume looks outstanding! I really like it a lot.  I think it is completed and ready for my dissemination.”  Chief of Police

“Response to the new resume has been excellent. Think you hit this spot on thanks.” Security Architect, Identity Management
“Thank you very much. The resume looks great.”  Commissioner of Public Safety

The Challenge
Many security professionals come to me with the same challenge.  They know what they’ve done to make themselves stand out from the crowd but they just don’t know how to put their accomplishments into words.  They want a security resume that stands out from the crowd but they just don’t know how to write it themselves.
Proven Methodology

Since I haven’t walked in anyone else’s shoes, I have no idea what makes each of my clients stand out from the crowd until we collaborate through my proven methodology for security resume writing.
Get Started

Care to know more, visit the Security Resume Writing page of SecurityRecuriter.com.  The explanation and directions are simple.  The client testimonials say more than I could ever say.  I look forward to working with you.

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