Friday, August 24, 2012

How Recruiters See Your Resume - Business Insider

How Recruiters See Your Resume - Business Insider:

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Yes, I'm writing about resume again.  Why?  Because the information I've been sharing all along has been scientifically measured in this Business Insider article.

I won't explain the structure of resumes but I will tell you that the security resume writing methodology I've developed to help my resume writing clients create resumes that float to the top produces measurable results.

My security resume writing clients say it better than I can.

"One more great thing I'm sure you will love to hear. I met with guys yesterday exploring a security position. They told me my resume got their attention because it was focused and gives details without being very verbose like other resumes they see. As you said, the new resume stood up against other resumes and won.  So thank you very much again :)"  Sr. Security Engineer
"Jeff's rewrite of my resume more than doubled inquiries overnight. And it increased my targeted job submission responses from less than 10% to almost 50%!" Identity and Access Manager Security Architect 
Resume writing is an art more than a science.  If you haven't found someone to help you create a winning security resume who has over 20 years of experience working between security job candidates and hiring decision makers, visit my Security Resume Writing services page on and then pick up the phone and call me.

An average resume will hold you back.  A great resume will help you rise to the top of the candidate pile provided that you're putting the resume in front of the right job.  My resume clients win!

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