Friday, August 10, 2012

Job Search Question from a Master’s in Information Security Graduate

Job search question from a new graduate who earned a Masters in Information Security management.
Good morning Mr. Snyder, I requested you as a contact because I wanted to see if you could take some time out to provide me with some helpful advice towards me furthering my IT Security career. I graduated with a Masters in Information Security management and I just can't seem to land my first job. I was told by someone on LinkedIn that I need an entry level job but since I have a Master’s degree most HR won't consider me for that type of job. Thanks for any helpful advice you can provide.

I told this new graduate that I really don’t have advice to give since the searches I work on generally require 10-20+ years of experience.
Who is willing to offer advice to Gary?  I’ll make sure he gets your advice if you’re willing to share.

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