Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The New Endorsement Feature on LinkedIn

As many of you know, LinkedIn launched a new feature.  I first saw this feature sometime last week so I’m assuming that the new feature went live last week.  I could be wrong.

When my first endorsement came in, I received an email from LinkedIn suggesting that somebody had endorsed my LinkedIn account for my Security Recruiting skills.  My first reaction was positive.  Who doesn’t like to be complemented?
My first action was not to click the email that landed in my Inbox.  I guess I had this reaction because of the articles I read every day and the people I interact with every day who are fighting cybercrime.  Since I’d never seen an email like this one from LinkedIn, I immediately assumed that this might be a new Phishing email.

I went to my LinkedIn profile and began to try to figure out what this endorsement thing was all about.  It didn’t take long before I at least thought I understood.  I endorsed a couple of people who truly deserved to be endorsed in order to see how the new feature actually worked when you are the endorser.
I like enjoy leaving complements when complements are deserved.  I’m also not shy to speak up when situations are not good.  My reaction to the new LinkedIn feature was generally positive.

Through my SecurityRecruit Twitter feed yesterday, I saw a tweet from someone I respect very much.  He is an SVP of Information Security in a very large financial services company.  His tweet asked if anyone else was irritated by the new LinkedIn feature.
I was surprised to see this person’s reaction to receiving complements from others but it just goes to show that no matter what a person does or doesn’t do in life, there will nearly always be someone close by who shares a different point of view.

As for me, I’ll continue to show my support for people whom I believe deserve a thumb’s up.  I like to dish out complements when possible.
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