Thursday, November 29, 2012

Green Renewable Energy Jobs

Green Renewable Energy, It Can Work!

The other day, I reached out to someone whom I thought to be forward-thinking and entrepreneurially minded.  If you’ve read anything I’ve written before, you know that I really enjoy getting to know people who are wired in this manner.
I very briefly shared with this person an opportunity that had been presented to me to help build a renewable energy company that is already at $124M in revenue in just 2 years.  Before I could even get my engines running with this person, he responded with this doom and gloom message:

"I've seen enough bankrupt renewable energy companies no thanks"

Try, Try and Try Again!
Okay, so there have been some failed attempts to create renewable energy companies.  I wasn’t connected to any of those companies so I don’t know exactly why they failed but I do have my own theories.  My thought to his response was…So What!

The renewable energy company I’ve invested significant time to research was created by highly successful oil and gas traders who have deep expertise in the wholesale side of energy.  It is the wholesale side of electricity and natural gas that is being deregulated in many states that has created an opportunity where these two successful and formerly retired business leaders chose to come out of retirement to start a new and highly innovative company.
I Dated More Than One Girl before Getting Married

Oh yeah, before I get ahead of myself, every time I run into someone who passes judgment in a matter of seconds like the person I referred to did, I think about dating.  I don’t know about you but if you’re married today, I bet you likely dated more than one person before you found the person who is now your spouse.  I know I did and I’m very glad that I did. 
What would have happened if you and/or the person you’re married to decided to stop dating because they’d had a few dates that didn’t work out?

I’m not stupid and I don’t live under a rock.  I’m well aware that there have been recent attempts to build renewable energy companies that have failed.  I just happened to have found one of the success stories.
LinkedIn has over 187 Million Members Worldwide

Why am I sharing this information?  I just read an official LinkedIn article suggesting that LinkedIn now has over 187 Million members worldwide.  I was amongst the first 875,000 LinkedIn users in the world back in 2004.  I didn’t know exactly what I’d gotten myself into when I signed on to LinkedIn but I see the big picture today with a personal network that will soon surpass 29,000 direct connections.
By the way, if you’re a security, risk, compliance or privacy professional, come join me on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has opened up doors for me to spread my brand across North America and the globe.  I would have never told you back in 2004 that one day I would have filled security jobs in Africa and Mexico and that I would one day have done security recruiting across Latin America, Africa and Asia.  LinkedIn has definitely opened doors for me.
Where am I going with this?

I saw the potential of LinkedIn and had the vision to jump in back in 2004.  That decision has definitely paid off for me personally and professionally in many ways. 

Because I went out looking for it, I’m now seeing the potential of a renewable energy company that has $124 Million in revenue today and it’s just getting started.  In addition to continuing to recruit security, risk, compliance and privacy professionals, I’ve become an Area Director with this renewable energy company and I’m in a position to show those who wish to learn, how they can build a residual income with absolutely no initial investment and no ongoing investment of any kind. 
My business partner in this operation is the renewable company’s VP of Sales and Training.  John was very successful by way of telecommunications deregulation back in the 1990s.  He too has come out of retirement to build the compensation and marketing model for this cutting edge renewable energy company.  I’m fortunate to tap into his expertise and to work directly with John.  This is a benefit to anyone who becomes part of my team.

Want to Know More?
Are you just the slightest bit intrigued?  If you’re not, that’s okay.  If you are, call me and in 10 minutes, we can determine if the business opportunity that I’m so excited about lines up with your personal goals and needs. 

Today I wrote about my admiration of the now deceased Zig Ziglar.  In the spirit of Zig Ziglar’s advice that a sales professional can reach their goals if they help others to reach their goals first, I’m sitting on a business opportunity that has the potential to change lives. 
If this is true for you, I want you on my team!

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