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LinkedIn Endorsements - The Stove Top Stuffing Version Of Recommendations - Forbes

LinkedIn Endorsements - The Stove Top Stuffing Version Of Recommendations - Forbes:

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An interesting article on the new Endorsement feature on LinkedIn.  I wrote "The New Endorsement Feature on LinkedIn" on October 2, 2010, maybe a day or two after new endorsements mysteriously started popping up on my LinkedIn account.

Two Months Later

Now, nearly two months after I wrote the original article in my Security Recruiter Blog, I've been absolutely blow away by the number of kind people who have come along and added "Stove Top Stuffing" to my LinkedIn profile.  The stove top stuffing comment comes from the Forbes article.

What are these endorsements worth?

The truth is that I really don't know any more than the author of the Forbes article knows.  As a recruiter, when I am searching LinkedIn profiles to build my call lists for security recruiting assignments, the fact that someone doesn't have a lot of clicked endorsements won't cause me to not call them.

Not Many Endorsements?

A person's lack of clicked endorsements could be an indication that their personal LinkedIn network isn't very large.  In order to endorse someone else's LinkedIn profile either in the click fashion or by writing a full well-thought-out endorsement, you first have to be directly connected to that individual.

Lots of Endorsements

Psychologically, when I land on someone's profile and they're heavily endorsed, I don't think about how large or small their network is.  My mind goes to a place where I assume that the individual whose profile I'm looking at on my computer screen is well-liked by their peers or at least they're well-respected enough that people who may or may not know them well perceive that they might have expertise.

Give Before You Get

Rather than worrying about what someone might or might not think of my clicked endorsements, I've chosen to concentrate on how I might be able to make someone else's day by giving them a click here and there.  Whose day can you brighten up by thinking of them to the extent that you give them a few clicks on their LinkedIn profile.

By the way, if you've been kind enough to click my profile, I sincerely thank you.

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