Tuesday, November 27, 2012

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, What I Value in my Connections

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After tolerating months of political ads on top of political ads on TV, I just stopped and thought about what was crossing my eyeballs every day by way of the business and social networks I participate in.
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What I Appreciate
It became very clear to me that I most appreciate the information posted by my connections on various networks that is their unique and original content.  I’m connected to all kinds of people all over the globe.  There is no doubt that I won’t agree with some of my network connections and I’m quite certain that some of my connections won’t appreciate my point of view on various topics.  

Information Security Recruiter, IT Risk Management RecruiterOn the flip-side, I’m connected to many people whom I’ve gotten to know quite well by way of their posts and I like what I’ve gotten to know.  I guess networking and social media works both ways.
Here are a few examples of how networking and social media has expanded my world. (and I like it by the way)
South Africa

My connection on Facebook with someone in South Africa has given me a glimpse into his life, business environment and culture.  Prior to social networking, I can’t think of a way in which I would have gotten to know someone in South Africa.  This individual occasionally posts an article that someone else wrote but most often, he shares his own thoughts on a variety of subjects.  I appreciate his thoughts and the opportunity I've had to get to know this person.
Dallas, TX

I’ve made a friend in Dallas, TX.  This individual is a very smart entrepreneur.  I love entrepreneurs as there is always something to learn from another entrepreneur.  He is a devoted husband and a wonderful father to his kids.  This individual posts his own thoughts more often than not.  That’s how I’ve gotten to know him and he’ll be one of my lunch or dinner companions the next time I’m fortune to visit Dallas to visit a client or to speak to a security group.

By way of my own postings on the Security Recruiter Blog or in various security industry publications, I recently took on a security resume writing client in Europe.  There are definitely challenges when I work with resume writing clients on different continents but I love the opportunity to stretch.  This individual reached out to me after reading my blog for several years.  Or at least that is what he told me!
Far-Left and Far-Right

Some of my connections shoved far-left political content down my throat for months and continue to do so.  Some of my other connections shoved far-right political content down my throat for months and continue to do so.
Whether you lean to the political left or right, I’m sure I can find common ground with you and I’m sure I’ll find topics of disagreement with you.

What’s Most Important?
What came to my mind last night is that the people who are on the far-left and far-right who have been pushing their agendas in my direction time and time again seem to almost always post other people’s material.

If any of these people would take the time so write their own thoughts, I’d probably have more appreciation for them.
How About a Solution?

The other observation I made of my far-left and far-right connections is that I couldn’t remember a time when people from either extreme actually proposed solutions to the problems they constantly gripe, moan and complain about.
If you’re going to post complaints about anything on a regular basis, how about presenting some forward-thinking ideas that might solve some of the problems you’re so passionate about bringing to other's attention? 

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