Wednesday, December 19, 2012

To Post or Not to Post Your Resume On-Line...This is a Big Question

The Call I’ve Been Waiting For

It’s been on my mind for many years and last week the call finally came to me from someone who was experiencing what I’ve predicted for a long time.  On the other end of my phone was someone who described herself as an Intelligence Agent.  I receive calls from CIA, FBI, Secret Service, Department of State, Homeland Security, ATF, US Marshals Service and more all the time so the beginning of this call was normal.  Then the direction of the call changed.

On My Mind
In general, what I’ve been thinking about since the invent of job boards back in the late 1990s is why anyone who is gainfully employed in just about any profession would put their resume on the Internet to be found by recruiters. 

It isn’t outside 3rd party recruiters that a job candidate needs to worry about, it is that a recruiter in one’s own company may stumble across their resume.  For many years, this has just been one of the many topics that spin around in my head.  This topic is no longer spinning.  Someone’s call to me made the topic stop and I’m now contemplating a solution.

An Unusual Call
This particular call I received last week was a little bit different than most.   The person on the other end was looking for a way to market her skills to a new employer in stealth mode.  In fact, she was wondering if I could market her skills for her without her name attached.  This individual started her career in a US Government Intelligence position and now works for a government contractor in a highly cleared area.

As the Intelligence Agent explained, she had recently seen more than one of her peers fired when her company found the employee’s resumes posted to an on-line resume database.  She didn’t want to suffer the same fate.  
As the Intelligence Agent explained further, I learned that if she were to be fired from her current company, she would lose her clearance until another company would hire her and go through the clearance process all over again.

The Stakes Are High
Think twice before posting your resume in an on-line resume database.  Your own company’s internal recruiters who primarily invest their time into searching resume database subscriptions just might stumble across your resume and you’ll have a not-so-comfortable conversation with your boss in the near-future.

A Solution
I quickly discussed this call with an HR Director friend of mine.  The first thing Mike asked me is if I’d come up with a solution yet.  No, I told Mike that I had just hung up the phone and hadn’t had time to process the Intelligence Analyst’s information just yet.  Sometimes mike expects big things from me!  I’m working on it.'s Security Recruiter Blog