Wednesday, January 30, 2013

CISO Resume Writing and CSO Resume Writing

I’ve been helping candidates and friends with resumes since I started recruiting IT professionals way back in 1990.  When the first bank crashed in or around October of 2008 I formalized a resume writing methodology around the advice and help I’d been handing out for nearly 2 decades.
The security resume writing methodology I built in 2008 has been continually fine-tuned to the point where clients who have engaged me as their security resume writer have experienced measurable results.  Here is an example from a recent resume writing client who was kind enough to send me quantifiable results he received with his new security resume.

“Jeff's resume writing methodology and reconstruction of my resume more than doubled inquiries overnight.  And it increased my targeted job submission responses from less than 10% to almost 50%!”
CISO Resume Writing

What prompted me to write this blog today is the memory of one of my first security resume writing clients.  This client was a victim of a financial services company’s restructuring right around the time the first bank crashed in October of 2008.  When this CISO lost his job, our economy was at the beginning stages of diving into recession.  A terrible time for a 6-figure earner of any kind to lose a job.
The CISO shared his new resume with a large bank and landed in what was essentially a bank CISO job even though I don’t think they gave him that title.  Today, this individual is the CISO of a Fortune 50 company that is my client.  He didn’t have to come back to me for additional resume writing help after our first engagement because I taught him my security resume writing methodology so he could make future updates to his resume himself.

CSO Resume Writing
Earlier this month, I delivered a resume to a Global CSO.  I’ve known this individual for several years and know him to be one of the brightest up-and-coming CSOs in the country.  He called me one day and told me he had spent a significant amount of money with a “professional resume writer” who re-wrote his resume.  I asked him why he was calling me.  He quickly told me that his “new” resume wasn’t getting any results.  He sent the resume to me while we were on the phone.  When the resume arrived, I opened the Word document and gave the resume 15 seconds of my attention.  This is the amount of attention a busy resume reader will give your resume when you send it in response to a job posting.  Because I was asked for my opinion, I explained to the CSO what I thought was wrong with his resume.  He already knew he had a problem.  He knew from the way I explained the details of his problem that I would be capable of helping him to create a stronger solution.  This stronger resume was delivered in early January and I now have a satisfied CSO resume client who is in the process of obtaining interviews.

CISO and CSO Resumes that get Results
If you’re a security leader and you’re trying to market yourself to your next employer, your resume has to speak clearly to the audience that will read your resume.  I’ve just been asked by an editor I work with at CSO Magazine to write an article on CSO resumes.  I won’t spill all the beans here. 
I’ll share more in CSO magazine but if you’re a CSO or a CISO or you aspire to be a CSO or a CISO, your personal marketing document (resume) has to clearly speak to the audience that will consume your data.  I can help.
Am I advertising my service here?  You bet I am because I am passionate about showing my clients how to win!'s Security Recruiter Blog