Thursday, January 24, 2013

Disappointed but not discouraged -

Disappointed but not discouraged -

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Since I wrote a hockey blog today, why not follow it up with a Basketball blog.?  I am a University of Kentucky graduate after all.

Kentucky Basketball

It is one thing to read and to listen to the comments from the Big Blue Nation of Kentucky Basketball followers. Sometimes there are interesting thoughts in what fans have to write or what they have to say.  

Beyond listening to anything any sports writer or anything any fan has to say, I enjoy listening to and reading about what John Calipari has to say about his team.  The guy who has led a team to a Final 4 and to a National Championship knows more about winning college basketball than anyone who has not.  


Kentucky has as much raw basketball talent this year as nearly any team in the country.  Where the players aren't getting it isn't in their skill level, it is in their mental approach to the game.  I described in my hockey blog how I love playing with Gary because we pretty much read each other's minds.  I always know where Gary is on the ice and he always knows where I am despite how quickly the game of hockey moves.  Between the two of us, we're just as happy ourselves when the other guy scores.  That's where the Kentucky basketball team appears to not be getting it this year.

A couple of players under Coach Cal are changing their mental approach to the game but the entire starting rotation has not yet bought into the change that needs to occur in order for UK to stand on the podium again with a national championship trophy in hand.

Accepting Mediocrity

An HR Director friend commented to me on my earlier blog and suggested that most people fear change and they should fear change.  Well, that's Mike's point of view and to me, it sounds like a point of view that accepts mediocrity.  I don't accept mediocrity and I don't want to hang out with those who do.

I Love Winners and Winning

When I write blogs that talk about security recruiting success, share stories about sports, share about candidate's interview success, talk about security job placement success, etc., I'm writing to those who read my blogs who want to win.  I'm not writing to those who accept mediocrity.  

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