Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Do You Need a New Security Resume for 2013?

Who made a resolution to upgrade their professional standing in 2013?  If you just made this resolution, some of your competitors are ahead of you but rest assured that plenty of your competitors are still waiting for their ship to come in even though they’re not moving in any particular direction to meet the ship.

I invite you to prepare to meet your ship when it arrives.

Marketing Yourself
Like it or not, the way to introduce yourself to a security recruiter or to an organization that is advertising to fill security jobs is to send a security resume.  If your resume cannot be visually scanned and understood in 5-15 seconds and if it can’t be quickly read, you’ll have a hard time landing on the radar screen of anyone who might be sitting on your next career opportunity.

Most security professionals tell me that they're not comfortable talking about themselves.  Worse yet, they're not at all comfortable writing stories about their successes.  That's okay because I'm not good at doing the security professional's techincal work so we meet in the middle to create a resume that clearly demonstrates my client's abilities.

A Security Resume That Gets Results
In the past 48 hours, I have delivered security resumes to security resume writing clients who engaged my services prior to the holidays.  They wanted to be ready for new job opportunities that will surface soon after the beginning of the year.

In one case I worked with a Senior Security Engineer who is ready to step up to the Security Architect level and he wanted guidance to be sure that the way he was marketing himself lined up with what employers are seeking when they attempt to hire a Security Architect.
Another client is a Global Chief Security Officer who came to me after investing a significant amount of money with a “Professional Resume Writer” who basically sold him a template to plug his data into.  He wasn’t happy with the resume service he had purchased but he didn’t know what to do. 

There is nothing wrong with reaching out for help in an area that is not your expertise.  If you’re a highly accomplished CISO or CSO, you’re very likely not a creative writer, a business writer, a technical writer and a professional in marketing.  It takes all of these skill sets to build a winning resume.

From a November Security Resume Writing Client in Paris, France
Dear Jeff,

So far, I've got two offers, one as a consultant for banks and European institutions in Luxembourg.   The other for a healthcare group in Paris, France.  Both were generated with a French version of your CV.
Regards from Paris

A Security Resume Writing Client from the Fall of 2012
A Security Architect who has deep experience with Application Security and Identity Management came to me in the August timeframe.  The resume he was using to represent himself at the time was long and was written in complicated paragraphs that no busy data overwhelmed decision maker was going to have time or patience to read.

Phil engaged my Security Resume Writing Services and my Security Job Coaching services the help him get both his mind and his resume clarified and focused. 
Phil is now gainfully employed and this is what he recent sent to me:

“Jeff's resume writing methodology and reconstruction of my resume more than doubled inquiries overnight.   And the new resume increased my targeted job submission responses from less than 10% to almost 50%!”

Resumes Either Open Doors or they Close Doors
If you aren’t confident that your resume is written in a clear, logical way that demonstrates your accomplishments, contributions and the value you have added to past employers, I can help you. 

There is a Gap
Part of the reason I have security job searches on my desk is that companies can’t find the candidates they want on their own.  Sometimes it is because companies set expectations that are unrealistic and jobs go unfilled. Other times, companies attract interested candidates but they miss potentially qualified candidates when they review the candidate’s marginally written resume.

While we can’t make every company write their security jobs in a way that explains what’s in it for you to consider the job and we can’t make all job descriptions clearly define the core skill set you need to deliver in order to be considered as a candidate, we can create your resume in a format that is clear, logical and loaded with value.
Get a New Resume Today
This link takes you to my Security Resume Writing Service on the SecurityRecruiter.com website.  I only work with a few resume writing clients at a time so take advantage of the fact that I’ve just delivered to three clients and I have a small window of open space to take on my next security resume writing project.  My resume clients win.  Are you ready to win?

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