Friday, January 18, 2013

Security Jobs: NYC Information Security Specialist, Relo Paid, $200,000+ Package

A Big New York City Hands-On Security Engineering / Architecture Job in a Highly Entrepreneurial Fast-Paced Environment with Few Regulations
$200,000+ Package

If you’re in or around New York City or you wish to work in New York City and you’re a hands-on information security expert, I might have your new job sitting on my desk.  My client’s requirements are steep but so are the rewards for the person who lands in this position.

Highly Unregulated
I’m not at liberty to give away too much information but I can tell you that in this position, you’ll work in a highly unregulated environment where regulations are not driving information security actions.  In this case, the need to secure a company’s assets and intellectual property will drive security decisions.

The role will report to a security professional who needs to delegate based on his span of influence in the organization.  The person this company is looking for will be able to build security programs with a great deal of autonomy. 

Technical Requirements
This role requires me to deliver a security professional who possesses a wide range of skills where the core skills are application security, penetration testing and incident response.  These are not the only skills this employer would like to see in a candidate’s background but these are the core skills.

My client’s culture is highly entrepreneurial.  A security professional who steps into this role has to be a business enabler.  This person has to arrive at work every day thinking about how they can make the business more secure while simultaneously enabling the business to do more business.  This person cannot function as a roadblock to business progress.

Who works in this company? 
This company is loaded with Ivy League educated financial professionals.  While the security professional doesn't necessarily have to come from an Ivy League school, what I can tell you is that education and innovation is highly valued in this organization. 

A security professional who is used to doing what they do because SOX or GLBA or HIPAA tell them they have do something will likely not succeed in this entrepreneurial organization.  A security professional who can communicate risk to business professionals in their language and can then build a business cases around their security needs will likely succeed here.

The hiring manager came from the security product vendor community prior to joining my client.  His background includes security engineering, product development and research and development of new products. 

If you’re currently working in a security product company and you are ready to step into a corporate environment where you can build security programs, this might be the role you’ve been waiting for.'s Security Recruiter Blog