Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How I Became a Writer and You Can Too

How I Became a Writer and You Can Too

The first driving reason for me to have become a writer was marketing.  I have a marketing degree that didn’t get much use for a number of years after college.  When the idea to create SecurityRecruiter.com came to my mind, it was as if at that moment, the marketing part of my brain was instantly turned on.
So the truth is that I started writing for marketing purposes.  Today, I still write for marketing purposes but the truth is that I enjoy writing.  I enjoy sharing ideas that might impact someone’s career in a positive way. I enjoy picking up information from successful CISOs and CSOs and sharing that information with the security profession with the hope that someone might learn from the information I get to report.

Article Writing

The idea for article writing came to me from someone in Dallas, TX who was kind enough to slow down  long enough to mentor me.  My mentor in this case had published close to 20 books and had written over 500 articles.  He encouraged me to write an article and to then market it to editors of magazines that I’d like to see my work published in.

As with any endeavor that is new to a person, this seemed like a monumental effort.  Not as monumental as when I decided to learn to play hockey at age 43 with no prior hockey experience but monumental nonetheless. 
My first published article launched in early 2006 in Security Magazine.  I did as my mentor told me to do.  I wrote an article and then marketed it to magazine editors.  My mentor was right with his first piece of advice so I continued to follow his advice.  I again did as my mentor told me to do and I leveraged article my first published article with magazine editors of other security magazines and ultimately made it to CSO Magazine in June of 2006. 

Between 2006 and the present, I’ve been fortunate to contribute to Security Magazine , SC Magazine, InfosecInstitute, ITBusinessEdge, InformIT, NaSPA, CSO-Online, Tom's IT Pro and most recently, the February print edition of CSO Magazine. 
If you’ve never set a goal and stuck with it until you reached the finish line, I have to tell you that it has been highly satisfying to see my 2 page article in the middle of a major industry magazine. 

When my print copy of CSO Magazine arrived for February, my wife found my article and showed it to my 11 year old daughter.  You know, 11 years old going on 16.  At the moment when my 11 year old saw her dad’s name in print, I became an instant celebrity.  If you have kids, you might related to what I mean here.
Security Recruiter Blog

My move into the world of writing blogs was less eventful than listening to a deeply experienced mentor as I did for my article writing pursuits.
Somewhere around 2007, a security professional asked me why I didn’t have a blog.  I asked him what a blog was! 

He explained what a blog was and then asked me if security professionals ever came along and asked me questions.  Yes, every week I receive calls and/or emails that contain questions.  He suggested that instead of just answering questions privately that I think about answering questions publicly.  These answers could be the basis for a blog.  I didn’t know any better so I gave it a shot.
As of this morning, I just published my 756th blog.  I’ve expanded beyond just answering questions.  On Mondays I’m fortunate to be able to publish Cyber Security News by way of Dr. Stan Stahl from Citadel Information Group.

My most recent new edition to the Security Recruiter Blog is what I hope can be a weekly blog that publishes on Thursdays that is contributed to by CISOs and CSOs.   Two weeks ago, for the first time, I published Jeff Snyder's Weekly Look Into What Makes a CISO / CSO Successful .  Several CISOs have contributed to this effort so I’ll be publishing this blog again for at least the next 3 weeks on Thursdays starting this week.
Want to be a Writer?

Someone slowed down and mentored me in order to help me become a writer.  I’m thankful for this because writing has become a daily activity in my life and I enjoy writing.
I’m willing to do the same for someone else.  Have you ever wanted to write in some professional way but you didn’t know how to get started?  Though my blog isn’t the Wall Street Journal, it is followed by security professionals around the globe and it gets visibility from my LinkedIn audience every day. 

Let me know if you’ve had a writing project on your mind that needs a publishing platform.  I just might be willing to become your mentor, editor and publisher!


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