Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to Leave a LinkedIn Group

Jeff Snyder LinkedIn
Have you ever joined a group and then wondered how to go about leaving the group?

First, before you follow these directions, be sure you really want to leave a group you’re already part of.  Getting back into a group you leave might be difficult.  I’ve never tried to rejoin a group but I suspect that doing so might not be easy.
Today was a house cleaning day of sorts for me. 

I’ve been hovering at or around the level of having 50 groups on LinkedIn for several years.  When I first joined some groups, there was an intelligent strategic reason for doing so.  However, now that I’m at a point where I will soon not be able to add new connections to my network, I no longer need to be in LIONS groups or Open Networker groups.
It isn't that I don't like Open Networkers or LIONS members.  I have about 1500 slots open in my LinkedIn network before I hit 30,000 connections and I want to leave the last 1500 slots for strategically important connections. 
Since I don’t drop groups very often, it took a while to figure out how to remove myself from a group.  So that you don’t have to do the research I just completed, here you go.


1.       Go to the GROUPS drop-down at the top of your LinkedIn profile.

2.       Choose YOUR GROUPS

3.       Scroll down to the group you desire to leave

4.       Click on the group name to open the group site

5.       Near the top of the group homepage, click the MORE button

6.       A drop-down list will appear

7.       Choose YOUR SETTINGS

8.       In the bottom right corner you’ll see a light gray box that says LEAVE GROUP.

9.       Once you click LEAVE GROUP, you’re finished and you'll now have room to add another group to your 50 group LinkedIn imposed limit.

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