Friday, February 15, 2013 A 16th Tip for Acing a Job Interview

I came up with the 15 tips that made up my recent CSO Magazine article entitled 15 tips for landing – and acing – a job interview.

A CSO whom I placed a couple of years ago who is doing exceptionally well in his role offered another tip that I didn’t originally offer in my article but I thought the tip needed to be shared. 
My article actually started out with 17 tips for acing an interview but the editor I work with at CSO Magazine exercised her ability to edit by removing 2 tips in order for the article to fit on two full pages in the middle of the February edition of CSO Magazine.  How could I argue with an opportunity like that?

The tip my CSO friend offered is this:

“If I could add one more, I would add, “Confidence without Arrogance” – if you cannot demonstrate your ability to influence decisions and collaborate on solutions, you will not have a chance; and should you be fortunate to obtain the job, you will be doomed for failure. “

Words coming to you not from Jeff Snyder the Security Recruiter but from one of my successful candidates who landed a CSO job that had been open for 9 months before I was given the search.'s Security Recruiter Blog