Friday, February 01, 2013

Solving Business Problems Increases One's Personal Stock Value

I’ve had this blog on my mind all week as a result of the time I’ve invested into interviews with highly intelligent, mentally stimulating Director of Business Intelligence candidates.
A client I’ve served with information security recruiting in 2012 came back to me asking if I could deliver someone to build their global strategy around Business Intelligence.  The discussion around the search and the description of the person I was being challenged to find was fascinating so I took on the search and I’m having fun meeting new people.
Two weeks into the search, I’ve been fortunate to have recruited and now to have interviewed several top-shelf business intelligence strategic leaders who are interested in my client’s newly created opportunity.  The benefit for me is that I’ve quickly learned a new discipline of recruiting and through the learning process, I’ve discovered that filling CISO Jobs and CSO Jobs is a lot like filling high-level Business Intelligence Jobs. 
Once the checkbox work is complete to determine what a person’s background looks like with database administration and data warehousing, the next level of conversation is the most interesting.  At the next level, I get to learn how a candidate has mastered business skills and interpersonal communication skills in order to build relationships.  The best of these candidates know how to sell, how to persuade, how to negotiate and how to ultimately create solutions that drive business decisions.
When I’m asked to recruit CISOs and CSOs, the most successful people in this skill discipline have figured out that they’re there to solve business problems.  They’re there to provide solutions that secure the business while enabling the business to do more business.  The most successful CISOs and CSOs I’ve been fortunate to meet have all mastered business, presentation skills, relationship building, selling, persuading, negotiating and ultimately creating security and risk management solutions that drive more business.
One of the most intriguing business intelligence candidates I’ve interviewed so far made a statement that fits the security profession like a glove.  He said: 

The answer to any question I receive from the business is YES!  Then I have to determine how to deliver the solution.

This is precisely what business leaders have told me they’re looking for from security leadership.  Business leaders don’t want to hear about what they can’t do.  They want to know how security leaders will come up with solutions that secure the business while simultaneously enabling the business to do more business.
And when both Business Intelligence leaders and Security Leaders figure out how to add to the business’ bottom line, their personal stock value increases.  They’re paid more!'s Security Recruiter Blog