Monday, March 11, 2013

Demand for IT Security Experts Outstrips Supply -

Demand for IT Security Experts Outstrips Supply -

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If you are in information security or you are thinking about a career in cyber security, this article's data (not my data) suggests that information security jobs are plentiful.

I'm occasionally asked how the past 3-5 years of tough economy have impacted demand for my security recruiting services.  I won't say that there was no impact but I will say that there has never been a time in recent years when I didn't have an active search or for that matter, multiple searches on my desk.

A CISO whom I know very well has asked me to help him build an entire department where he has recently gone to work.  This assignment could include as many as 14 brand new positions including 4-5 Director level roles.  The roles will cover cyber security, security awareness, business continuity, disaster recover, privacy and more.

While I don't have a pulse on all cyber security jobs in the country, I have no reason to argue with the data shared in the article referenced above.

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