Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Do You Need a Qualified Security Job Coach?

A security professional sent me an email over the weekend that clearly expressed his frustration with the entire job search process.  This security professional called me in the past and I remember our conversation.  With his permission, I now share with you some of the points he made in his email to me. 
  • "I'm a 25 year veteran of Law Enforcement. This includes Local, State and Federal Agent experience.
  • I paid and scam recruiter (headhunter) over $11,000.00 to supossidly market me and get me in the front door to major companies.
  • I have applied to over 150 jobs in the past 1 1/2 years and received 0 responses or any interview/offer.
  • It is my opinion that LINKEDIN is filled with over fed testosterone members that really do not have the qualifications they claim to have.
  • Almost every person that I talk to in my profession tell me that they would be afraid that I would take their job from them.
  • I had to take this position in Afghanistan to really feel fulfilled and utilize my qualifications. I miss my family, the green on blue incidents are on the increase, I watch members of the military and police officers lose their limbs, I dodge bullets and carry a 9mm and M-4 all day and every day, I'm respected as the subject matter expert in all Law Enforcement issues to Colonels and all the senior military staff so I must have my act together. I'm not understanding and I'm VERY frustrated.
  • I will travel and relocate if needed anywhere in the States.
  • In summary, I need your expertise to re-write / amend my resume and please provide some advice to me. You have an impeccable reputation and again I enjoyed every word you said to me. I have included my resume for your closer review. I know you said you will send a lengthy questionnaire and I can talk on the phone."
Reading this email over the weekend brought me to a point of anger and to a point where my heart was broken for this individual.  This is not the first person who has called on me after spending a significant amount of money with someone who was supposed to “find them a job” that they never found or create a "Winning Resume" that never won an interview.

There is a 100% chance that I can help this individual with a resume that clearly communicates his accomplishments, contributions and the value that he brings to the table.  I can help this individual to create a LinkedIn profile that will be found for the reasons he wishes to be found.  I can also help this individual understand how he needs to network in order to get to the decision makers who might hire him. These are all components that will soon be part of the Secruity Job Coach offering.
  When companies engage to do securityrecruiting for them, the company pays the search fee.  We’ve never offered a service whereby a security job candidate would pay us for any part of our service other than security resumewriting, security job coaching or security career coaching. 

The driving reason that we don’t provide a service that will open interview doors for candidates is that there have been so many companies that have come before us offering such services that leave job seekers feeling like the person who wrote the bullets you read above. 
When launches, I'll be offering services to address the multitude of requests that security job seekers have brought to me over the years.  Are there any particular services that you would appreicate seeing as part of our Security Job Coach offering?'s Security Recruiter Blog