Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Is Your Resume Easy To Handle?

Sending a Resume

When you send a resume to a recruiter or a prospective employer, the last thing you want that resume to do is to create more work for the recipient.

I just opened a resume that was delivered in PDF format.  The resume was okay, not bad but certainly not great.  The quality of the resume isn't what is prompting me to write today’s blog. 

Applicant Tracking Systems

When a resume arrives in my Inbox, if the resume belongs to a security professional, I want that resume to immediately find a new home in my applicant tracking system (ATS) so I can refer back to this person anytime new searches land on my desk.  The process of pulling a resume into my ATS is very simple unless the sender of the resume chooses to lock their resume down with security controls.

Security Controls in a Resume

The PDF resume I just received was locked down with some kind of controls that only allowed the person’s name and contact information to land in my database.  Not a single line of text that talks about the individual’s skills, contributions, accomplishments or the value he has brought to past employers made it to my database. 

Understand that entering a resume into my ATS should take a matter of seconds.  Anything more than a few seconds exceeds the amount of time I have available to add information to my ATS.  This blog is about me because I've just had this experience.  However, this blog is really about anyone you might choose to send your resume to whether it is a 3rd party recruiter or the HR department of a company you might wish to work for.

Make Your Resume Functional

The bottom line is that the sender of this PDF formatted resume sent me a pretty looking document but if I actually want to have the content of his resume absorb into my ATS, I’m going to have to communicate with the sender to explain that his security controls have caused a road block with my ATS system. 

My schedule doesn't have this much free time in it and I suspect that most employers’ HR departments are just as busy as I am. 

Be sure that your resume is easy for the recipient you share it with to handle or you may be passed over.'s Security Recruiter Blog