Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What’s happening at We're Busy!

I haven’t had much time to add to the Security Recruiter Blog this week.  No, I haven’t been playing around.  To the contrary!  I've been exceptionally busy on multiple fronts.

Jeff Snyder’s Look into What Makes CISOs and CSOs Successful

Tomorrow’s CISO / CSO success blog is loaded and ready to publish.  I have a similar blog loaded and ready to publish for several weeks into the future.  Gathering this information has been no simple task. 

I have reached out to over 100 CISOs and CSOs to see who might be willing to share their success secrets.  I didn't expect that everyone would have either time or interest to get back to me but I've been a bit surprised by how many people have gotten back to me. 

I’m collecting CISO / CSO success information for you, not for me.  It was my vision to find out what current CISOs and CSOs think is the secret to their success so that those of you who read about their success secrets might learn from what they’re willing to share.  I hope you'll apply what you're learning.

If those who have committed to contributing to this project come through with their success secrets, I’ll be able to provide this kind of information into April and possibly through May of 2013.

Successful Contract Negotiations

When I started my company back in 1994, all I can remember was working with companies that would work on a handshake and a 1-2 page contract.  A short contract and a couple of signatures and our search process could begin.

Times have changed.  I’ll be starting my 23rd year of recruiting in May of 2013.  At this point, I've negotiated contracts with many Fortune 500 companies.  I've seen what used to be 1-2 page contracts for full-time placement recruiting reach the length of 34 pages.  No, I’m not kidding.

Since early January, I've been negotiating what started out to be a 32 page contract with a new Fortune 500 client.  The contract is now down to 13 pages and is properly balanced.  I don’t negotiate so that I win and someone else loses.  I negotiate with the goal of finding a balancing point where my company is properly protected and my client’s interests are properly protected.  For this particular contract, it has taken 2.5 months of negotiating but we’re almost at the finish line.

By the way, if your company ever needs help to recruit security, risk management, compliance or privacy talent, my contract is 2.25 pages long and anyone who reviews it finds it easy to sign because the contract is fairly written and properly balanced for both parties who sign the contract.

New Security Jobs Coming to

When this new contract is complete, I’ll be getting started on a project to build an entire department covering information security, global compliance, IT risk management, global privacy, business continuity and disaster recovery.  I believe I’ll have 4-5 director level jobs and another 8-9 hands-on technical roles of various flavors.

Stay tuned to the Security Recruiter Blog and to the Security Jobs page of where you’ll see these newly created positions appear.

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