Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jeff Snyder's Weekly Look Into What Makes a CISO / CSO Successful

I’m always looking for new ways in which I can use my position to bring value to the security profession. When I refer to my position, I’m simply referring to the position I occupy sitting between security, risk, compliance and privacy professionals and those who hire security, risk, compliance and privacy professionals. I constantly learn from the individuals I’m fortunate to work with every day so I've been thinking about how I can pass on some of what I learn for the benefit of others.

A few weeks ago I came up with the idea to leverage my position for the good of those who one day aspire to become a CISOs or CSO. For that matter, current CISOs or CSOs who are struggling might benefit from the advice of their successful peers. 

The idea is pretty simple. I've been reaching out to CISOs and CSOs to find out what they think the secret to their professional success is so I can share their secrets with those who wish to one day be a successful CISO or a CSO. 

I hope you find this information to be helpful. I’ll try to post a new success secret every Thursday as these points of view are shared with me.

How a CSO in global manufacturing views success

To be successful as a CSO one must be successful in a waterfall of balancing engagements.  He / She must be:

·         Executive in balancing change and risk. 
·         Public speaker with an approach which balances communication with business executives and technology professionals.
·         Arbitrator of customer demands and capabilities of staff and technologies.
·         Able to balance opportunity with regulatory compliance.
·         A CSO who excels is one who ensures both sides of the scale are favored in each engagement.

Care to Contribute?

If you are a CISO or CSO and you would like to contribute your thoughts, please call me so I can explain to you what I'd like to deliver to readers.'s Security Recruiter Blog