Tuesday, April 16, 2013

There is at least 1 fan in my SecurityRecruiter.com Fan Club! Thank You Lance

No, I'm not going to start offering computer advice. I know how to use them and I know how to break them.  I definitely don't know how to fix them.  It was tough to find a picture to demonstrate friendship, support and encouragement.  This one will have to do.

Some days are so intensely busy that there isn't room in my brain for the idea of writing a blog.  This is one of those days.  I’m busy recruiting to build a CISO’s entire security, risk, compliance, privacy, business continuity, disaster recovery and QA team and I don't have any time to spare.

I’m also busy living up to commitments I've made to security resume writing clients who have entrusted me with their resume writing projects.  My resume writing clients and my executive coaching client’s success in the marketplace is of paramount importance to me. If they don't succeed, I feel as if I haven't succeeded either.

I don’t know if you have any professional or personal fans in your life who provide support and encouragement to you when you need it but I’m fortunate to have a couple.  These people expect nothing in return.  They just seem to show up at just the right time.  Sometimes the right time isn't even a time when I was hoping for some fan support.

Perhaps the biggest fan in my professional and personal life is someone I've yet to meet face-to-face.  I recruited this information security professional back in 2001.  Over the past decade plus, we've developed a close bond of friendship, support and communication.

It seems that sometimes just when I need a boost of 3rd party confidence, my friend Lance comes out of nowhere and provides just what I need.  Today, Lance stopped by my LinkedIn profile and clicked some endorsement buttons.  I sent Lance a thank you note expressing my appreciation for his effort and then my day got just a little better when Lance's note landed in my LinkedIn Inbox.



Lance has sent you a message.
Date: 4/16/2013
Subject: You are the Best!

I am always pulling for you. YOU are the BEST in my mind and I have years of experience working with you to be able to make that statement with authority.

Keep Charging Forward.


Life is tough.   Life can be fun.  Life can be rewarding.  Life can be draining.  Lance has been there for many of my professional wins and risk taking failures.  He has been around for the birth of my children and the death of my parents and the start of my adult hockey career that continues on tonight!

Despite the fact that we've never met and we've never been able to shake hands, this guy has proven the worth of his character over and over and over.  I've challenged Lance to come to Colorado this summer so we can head up to Idaho for some world-class fly fishing.  Not that we need to seal the deal of friendship but a summer fly fishing trip with Lance would be the icing on the cake for me.

Thank you Lance, your friendship and professional support is sincerely appreciated!

If you've read this blog today, whose day can you positively impact today with a few kind words?

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