Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Security Professional’s Integrity Should Never be Questionable

In the very recent past, I completed a security resume writing project with a Senior Information Security Architect in a very large financial services company.

One of the services we offer is to assist people with their resumes. Frequently, our clients tell us that they have difficulty constructing a resume that truly reflects their level of ability to contribute to the business. We help them to present their background and capabilities in a more compelling format from the hiring manager’s perspective.

A week or so ago, it seemed like my security architect client had referred one of his colleagues to me.  That apparently wasn't exactly the case.  Here is an email I received that shed significant light onto a situation that didn't turn out well for me at all.

Email Subject: Apology for awkward contact

Hi Jeff, 
“I've just been made aware that an acquaintance of mine approached you in an unethical way.  A week or so ago, after mentioning that I'd hired an excellent resume writer, he suggested that he had a contact for me inside a different company, and asked for my resume which I sent him. 
Unfortunately, it looks like he decided to edit my resume and use it as his own, and then, inexplicably, ask you for a free consult.  I can't fathom that behavior, and apologize that you were put in that situation. The guy was a complete ass.  
It certainly wasn't my intent to send an unethical person your way; I'm thrilled with your product, and strongly believe that many of my peers would benefit from your services. “
Name Withheld
Not only did this individual do what was just explained he followed up by sending his new resume, the one he had covertly copied, directly to me asking if I might have security jobs to share with him.

At this point I could share my point of view but do I really need to?

As I’ve worked with my clients over the years to place security professionals and as a result of surveying the business to find out what the business wants, needs and expects from the security profession, I can tell you without any doubt in my mind that high integrity is expected from the security profession.

My Security Resume Writing and Security Job Coaching services deliver value globally

This email arrived over the weekend from a highly satisfied security resume writing and security job coaching client:

I am writing to provide you an update on my situation. As I had predicted when we last spoke, the XXXXX interview went well and led to an offer. They provided me with a very generous offer and have great benefits. I have accepted their offer. I will be working in a position titled Senior Service Architect in which I will serve as an intermediary between the customer facing engineers and the security product development team to guide the development of their existing and future security products. This is a role that has a lot of different facets and requires many different skill sets. I look forward to being challenged by it.
 I really appreciate your time working with me. Of course, your resume format got me in the door for the initial interview. I also had the enlightening experience of watching some of the in-person interviewers review it for the first time. It worked as you said. They skimmed down the resume and pulled out the headlines. For the headlines they cared about, they then read the blurb. With all the companies I have spoken with recently, I firmly believe that this format helped open doors for me. I also appreciate the time you spent speaking with me and the interest that you showed in me. You provided me with valuable insight into the minds of the employers and human resource personnel and provided me with a perspective I would not have considered on my own.
 I hope that we can keep in touch over time because I have greatly valued our conversations. I also look forward to reading your blog posts as I have found them very insightful and beneficial.

I'd Enjoy Meeting You at ISSA-LA, May 20 and 21st, 2013

ISSA-LA has a huge Cyber Security Summit coming up at the Hilton near Universal Studios in Southern California on Tuesday May 21.  I’ve been invited back to ISSA-LA to deliver a 2 hour presentation on Monday May 20 from 10-12 on Security Career Development and then later in the day, I’ll be addressing the CISO Forum. 

If you’re able to attend the pre-summit activities from the ISSA-LA chapter on Monday May 20, I’ll be spending a significant amount of time talking in detail about security resumes and security career development.

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