Thursday, May 23, 2013

Back from ISSA-LA’s 5th Annual (totally outstanding) Cyber Security Summit

You haven’t seen a Security Recruiter Blog in a few days because I’ve been really busy from early in the morning to late at night for several days.  I was invited back to ISSA-LA where I first spoke in September of 2011 to deliver a career development workshop along with a presentation in which I facilitated a very interesting discussion between the members of the Los Angeles CISO forum. 

I got to hang out with really smart people from many different industries who taught me about the challenges and opportunities they face every day as CISOs and security practitioners 

It wasn't so much what I had to share with the top CISOs in Los Angeles as it was the way they reacted to what I had to share.  I discovered that I love to introduce topics that make people think in dimensions in which they are not used to thinking.  Here is evidence that just arrived that I added value to at least one member of the CISO forum.

“Hi Jeff, It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. Your insights regarding other's perceptions of a CISO were spot on. I'm already working on adjusting! I'll contact you sometime in June to discuss my career plans further.”

I already knew from significant past experience that when I discuss my security resume writing methodology that opens doors around the globe with my resume writing clients, I’m frequently stretching linear thinking brains into a three dimensional school of thought with regards to the first impression a resume makes and how one’s personal marketing document can either open a door or keep the door closed.  A testimonial that arrived in my Inbox while I was traveling meant too much to me to not share with you so here you go.

“I wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for your help in creating a new resume.  The new resume clearly communicates my accomplishments and strengths as an Information Security leader.  Your insights into the recruiting and hiring process helped me understand what I need to do to stand out from other candidates.  Our conversations allowed me to see things from a unique perspective, which in turn allowed me to create a great new resume.  When my wife, who is a teacher, read the resume you and I created together and said "So, that's what you do" I knew right away that your resume writing service was money well spent."

What I discovered with the CISO Forum in Los Angeles is that in the presence of a group of really smart people, my value to the group was to offer a unique point of view that I’ve come to have by surveying the business to determine what the business thinks of security leadership, what the business wants from security leadership and what the business can only wish that security leadership could deliver.

I think security leadership can deliver what the business wants and needs but I also believe that the business generally doesn't understand what security professionals are capable of delivering.  This is in part because the security profession all too often communicates in bits and bytes rather than in the language that the business can understand.

This morning I shared a security resume writing discussion with a very smart Information Security Director level professional.  When he responded to what I had to share by saying this, I knew he understood what I was trying to say:

“If as a security professional, you are speaking a language the business doesn't understand, how can you expect the business to trust what you have to say?”

This person gets it.  

My personal mission is to help security professionals through, security executive recruting,  security resume writing, my new website at and through our soon to launch and to become better aligned with what the business wants, needs, expects and hopes for from the security profession.

The more security professionals align their personal performance with business needs, the higher a security professional’s personal stock value will climb.'s Security Recruiter Blog