Friday, May 17, 2013

I’ll Meet You at ISSA-LA on Monday May 20, 2013 if you’re there

Today I’m putting the finishing touches on multiple presentations I’ll be sharing with ISSA-LA and the CISO Forum in Los Angeles on Monday at the Hilton Los Angeles Universal City. 

Next Tuesday marks the end of my 23rd year of recruiting. In that time, I’ve learned a little bit about a lot of different topics and a lot about a few topics.  For ISSA-LA, I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned over 23 years about resumes, security career development and what the business expects from a CISO or CSO.

I think I have it figured out!  What I’ve figured out is how to help security professionals to communicate their value to the business in language that the business can understand.  This initially done through one’s resume.  Then, once on the interview stage, a security professional can differentiate themselves from their peers by preparing for an interview in ways that security professionals typically do not.

Here is the latest testimonial that came in from one of my security resume writing clients.  This person is an Information Security Leader in a large mutual fund.

Hi Jeff,
I wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for your help in creating a new resume.  The new resume clearly communicates my accomplishments and strengths as an Information Security leader.  Your insights into the recruiting and hiring process helped me understand what I need to do to stand out from other candidates.  Our conversations allowed me to see things from a unique perspective, which in turn allowed me to create a great new resume.  When my wife, who is a teacher, read the resume you and I created together and said "So, that's what you do" I knew right away that your resume writing service was money well spent.

In my first hour session with ISSA-LA, I’ll explain the details behind this testimonial.

In the second session following the resume writing discussion, I’ll discuss what I’ve learned about security career development. 

Later in the afternoon, when I speak to the CISO Forum, I’ll be sharing information I’ve acquired through research.  I wanted to know what the business perceives it is getting from security leadership.  So, I asked the business what it is getting from security leadership.  The business spoke.  I’ll share these findings with the CISO Forum.

I wanted to know what the business wants, needs, expects and hopes to receive from security leadership.  The business told me what it wants, needs, expects and hopes to receive from security leadership.  I’ll share these findings with the CISO forum.

If you’re in or around Los Angeles and you can make it to the ISSA-LA Cyber Security Pre-Summit on Monday, just before the big meeting of 600-800 people on Tuesday, please introduce yourself.

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