Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Is the “Black Hole” caused by inflated egos and speed reading?

Is the “Black Hole” caused by inflated egos and speed reading?:

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To put this title into perspective, this article was written the Director, Client Relations & Sales, Employer Marketing at The Ladders, an employment website.

Every once in a while I use a free posting slot on The Ladders when I have a high-level position to fill.  I use the slot mostly for branding and marketing to get my name out there and place nearly no hope in the idea that a posting on The Ladders will actually generate a great candidate to fill my security jobs. 

This isn't because there aren't highly talented people using The Ladders from a candidate perspective.  This is because nearly every resume that is brought to my attention through The Ladders is off the mark.  The shotgun approach to responding to jobs does not work yet most of The Ladders users to send resumes in my direction continue to use the shotgun approach.

What is a resume and what does a resume do?

In a recent Security Recruiter Blog that I wrote entitled "What is a resume and what does a resume do?", I wrote about "The Deep Dark Black Hole Where Resumes go to Die".  I wasn't trying to be funny when I wrote about the black hole.  

This article from The Ladders might help a job seeker to understand what what a recruiter is up against when they post a job.  

Security Resumes

Although my resume writing skills are transferable to any skill discipline because a resume is a personal marketing document designed to quickly communicate from the resume's owner to the resume reader what the resume owner is great at delivering professionally, I have chosen to focus my energy on assisting the security profession with security resume writing.

The security profession around the globe is hurting itself by way of the quality of communication that is floating around in security resumes.  Security professionals tell me that they want to be part of the strategic decision making team in every company.  However, when most security professionals send a resume, they send a resume that is anything but strategic, clear, clean and logical.  

Most security resumes that cross my desk fail to communicate accomplishments, contributions and value.  

Stop Contemplating...Take Action

If you're a security professional and you want to stand out from the crowd, you need a resume that can easily be understood and consumed by someone who does not understand what you do.  

I specialize in helping my security skilled clients in both corporate security and information security to create resumes that speak clearly to the audience the resume will be presented to.

If resume writing has ever challenged you, call me.  My client's resumes are opening doors around the globe.'s Security Recruiter Blog