Friday, May 03, 2013

Top Talent is attracted to Successful Companies: An HR Director’s Perspective

On Wednesday, I wrote “Hiring Top Talent?  How Is Your Interview Process Structured?” because I’m becoming more and more passionate about helping my clients to win the battle for talent.

A former HR Director client of mine read my blog and sent me a note.  Mike Salisbury form the Human Resource Alliance shared with me that although he appreciated my article, one perspective that was nagging him that I didn't cover was this: 
“Often times, people with talent are attracted to organizations that are successful rather than becoming attracted to companies that they can make successful. “
 Mike is one of those people in my life whom I deeply appreciate because he challenges my thinking and frequently comes up with perspectives I might not have thought of or I might not have considered.  I like to be challenged in this way.

Just before speaking with Mike, I shared a call with the CEO of a professional services firm.  In that call, I probed to find out what the CEO had in mind for an interview process.  His ideas were loose so I added some ideas to the table that caused the CEO to want my help to tighten up his interview process.   This CEO wants to win and he won't settle for anyone who doesn't already win.  He is confident that a top 20% performer will want to be part of his vision.  I suggested to the CEO that needs to be ready to articulate his vision. By doing so, he'll push his company ahead of his competition very quickly.  He had no problem accepting my challenge.

This articulation will connect with someone I’ll eventually recruit who falls into the top 20% category. 
I have to agree with Mike.  Some people see challenge and opportunity in turning around or fixing organizations.  Other people will only be attracted to organizations that are already running on all cylinders when they walk in the door.

The next time you interview for security jobs, know ahead of time whether or not you will enjoy fixing things or whether you prefer for the house to be in order before you arrive.  Once you know this, you can do a better job of interviewing your prospective employer.'s Security Recruiter Blog