Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Are You Ready to Interview With Confidence? Your Resume Plays A Part.

Taking confidence to a job interview is not only a good idea, it is the difference between winning and losing.  Knowing that you have a resume in hand that clearly communicates the business value you’ve created for past employers creates confidence.  

Confidence carried to an interview can frequently translate into a job offer.

In the recent past and as recently as yesterday, my security resume writing clients have told me that the resume writing methodology I introduce them to in order to assist them in creating resumes that open doors has had a side benefit that they didn’t expect. 

After working through the methodology I teach them, a methodology that stretches the brain in ways that the brain isn’t used to being stretched, my clients frequently tell me that they’re more confident about interviewing then they were before I stretched their brains to come up with resume content that demonstrates accomplishment, contribution and value.

This comment came to me yesterday from a Chief Operating Officer who took on my challenge to rethink the way he was presenting himself.

“As for the resume, the format is a complete departure from what I’ve been used to over the past 20 years but then I’ve only looked for one job in the past 20 years. This new format is definitely “action” oriented and tells what I did versus simply what jobs I’ve held. Thus…it looks good to me. I’m ready to get this bad boy out in front of some hiring managers and start negotiating.”

This client is now ready to place his new resume in front of appropriate hiring officials and he is able to carry himself with a level of confidence that is stronger than the confidence he had before we met.

A recent Cyber Security Architect resume writing client expressed himself this way.

“I think working on my Resume so much gave me more confidence.”

A Senior Vice President of Operational IT Risk Management resume client expressed herself this way.

“With that all said - just going through this exercise has already brought back a little more of my confidence.  For that I am forever thankful.”

I am passionate about helping my clients to learn how to communicate their business value to business owners.  This is generally not the objective of a security professional when they write a resume but it should be.

My security resume writing methodology is one that opens interview doors around the globe.  How may I be of service to you today?  Jeff Snyder 719.686.8810's Security Recruiter Blog