Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Job Search Success from a Client

It isn't just any day that we launch a new website. I’ve mentioned in the past that new websites are coming from to support new services that I’ve been asked by many people to deliver.

The new is now live.  It’s short and hopefully sweet with 4 pages plus a home page and a contact page.

The site is devoted strictly to security resume writing and other topics that I’ve been asked to assist with for many years surrounding an individual’s job search.

I couldn't have orchestrated this if I had tried but an email came to me this morning that fits nicely with the day I decided to announce the new website.  Here you go.

I will be accepting an offer today. I have HP, Dell, Brookfield Relocation Services, Emerson Electric, Alliance Bancorporation and Choice Hotels all in the mix...and there are more. Your resume and guidance was the difference.
Thank You, David”

Feedback is so important and I deeply appreciate David for sharing his experience with me.  This email made my day just like a previous email from this same resume writing client made my day several weeks back.

“I wanted to shoot you a short note to express my sincere gratitude in providing me with a resume that has gotten me more attention in the last 2 weeks than my old resume received in the last 2 years!  I am not exaggerating when I tell you I am receiving a minimum of 7 calls and 14 emails a day for opportunities around the globe.  My current job search is important to my whole family since my wife is a homemaker and I have a daughter that just graduated from college and one daughter with two years remaining of undergraduate work. 
In order to validate the money I spent on your services I showed my family my old resume, which I was very proud of, and then showed them the resume you produced and formatted for me. They were in amazement!  My wife actually said she could not bear to read the resume I wrote because it was so overwhelming in the beginning…she understood nothing and did not want to continue reading past the first two paragraphs.  When she read your resume, she immediately said, YES, this gets my attention and it is so well formatted and worded that it draws you in and you cannot stop reading to find out more about me.
Thank you for your honesty, professionalism, coaching and continuous communication during this process.  You have increased my confidence ten-fold and I use the resume format in every interview to keep my thoughts on track and in line with what the hiring managers are seeking.  Your services reflect the person you are and I believe you will go on to help hundreds, even thousands of individuals such as myself.”
Are you professionally doing what you’re passionate about doing?  I am!  I’m going to paraphrase but back in 1999 or so when I read Zig Ziglar’s “See You at the Top”, I learned from Mr. Ziglar that if I would concentrate on helping others to reach their goals, I’d soon reach mine.  This advice from a very wise man has proven to be true even now that I’m in my 24th year of recruiting.

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