Friday, July 19, 2013

Pay Attention to the Personal Interests of Your Colleagues...The Business Part Comes Easily

My morning started with a scheduled call as most mornings do.  This call was scheduled with an HR professional in a world-class organization in Minnesota. 

Sometimes calls with HR people are adversarial in that it seems that the HR person on the other end of my phone resents being told by their CISO to call me to ask for security recruiting help.  This is unfortunate because I’m not an HR person and I don’t want an HR person’s job.  I suspect that most of the HR people who call on me don’t want my job and very likely they wouldn't do well at my job any more than I would do well at their job.

I'm always interested in partnering with bright HR people.

Today’s call was refreshing.  The HR person who called me brought a partnering mindset to the call.  The CISO of his organization, someone I’ve known well for many years asked the HR person to call me to work out contractual arrangements so that I could begin to bring information security talent to the organization.  I'm excited about the prospect of working with this CISO to build a team of security professionals because I already know how the CISO works to mentor and grow his teams.  He truly is a leader and someone any rising security professional should want to work with and for.

The HR person didn't immediately dive into telling me how his company works.  He asked me how my company works and together we explored ways in which our two organizations could work together.  There is no doubt in my mind that when contracts are signed and my security recruiting starts for this outstanding organization that I’ll have a partner in HR as opposed to an adversary which is sometimes the case.

How can I be so confident in the future outcome?  Our call didn't end on a business topic.  Last night I went to Adult Hockey School at Colorado College.  Half of the hockey players that make CC a yearly top 10 NCAA Division 1 hockey program come from Minnesota.  The HR person I was on the phone with new more about the new conference CC and Denver University will play in next year than I did.  We connected on the topic of hockey.

Business doesn't always have to be all about business.  People are people no matter where you are and no matter what business you’re in.  Invest time to learn about who you’re dealing with on a personal level.  When you find personal common ground, the business conversation becomes easy and great things fall in place.  Our common ground without any doubt was the topic of hockey.

And by the way, I should have new security jobs coming to very soon from the state of Minnesota!

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