Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Security Resume Writing Success!

I completed a resume for a client 1.5 weeks ago.  This resume was written with my client’s Director of Security Awareness, Education, Policies and Procedures opening in mind...a mid $100s job with bonus, stock and paid relocation.

The candidate’s original resume didn't capture the candidate's greatness but the candidate himself is outstanding.  

With a new resume in hand, I discussed my resume client’s background with my CISO client…twisted the CISO’s arm just a little…and generated a telephone interview after the new resume was sent to my client.

The telephone interview results:  

Just finished my call with XXXX.  Please schedule him for an onsite (face-to-face) interview with all the VPs, CIO, XXXX and XXXX.  

Resumes that are written with the audience in mind can open significant doors as this one did.

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