Tuesday, July 30, 2013

So You Want More LinkedIn Connections…Consider This Simple Idea

This standard LinkedIn connection invitation isn’t very appealing:

I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.
The standard LinkedIn connection invitation tells me that I’m just one of many people that a LinkedIn user decided to send a connection invite to today.  There’s nothing particularly wrong with using the standard invitation but you’re making a first impression. 

Why not invest 1 minute and I literally mean 1 minute to make your invitation stand out? 
You get to make a first impression.  Don’t you want to make a positive first impression?  Better yet, how about making your LinkedIn invite to ego appealing to the recipient that they feel compelled to click on your profile to figure out who you are?

Try something like this and you’ll be likely to reach desired results when you send a LinkedIn invitation to connect:
I recently sat in your audience when you spoke about xxxxx.  Your insights were unique and I’d like to learn more from you.  Would you consider joining me on LinkedIn?
After studying your LinkedIn profile, and your career progression, I saw success that I’d one day like to experience myself.  It would be an honor to learn from you as one of your LinkedIn connections.
Separating yourself from the crowd doesn't have to take significant effort, expense or even thought.  Think about what everybody else is doing and simply do something different.

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