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To Beat the Chaos, Take a Thinking Day | LinkedIn

To Beat the Chaos, Take a Thinking Day | LinkedIn:

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In my Security Recruiter Blog this morning, I shared a story that came from my time off last week.  Just a few minutes ago, I finished reading an article that caught my attention because it addressed an issue that is personal to me.  The issue is that of finding time to think strategically.  This is something that comes naturally to me but strategic thinking and futuristic thinking doesn't come naturally in the middle of the business day in my office.

I often tell people that I have to get away from my office because I can't think in the office.  That may sound a bit silly but with phones ringing and computers beeping with alarms all day every day, there is no time for strategic, visionary thinking.

When I work with coaching clients, one of the many topics I enjoy leading my clients to is personal clarity.  Once an individual is clear about who they are and what they should be doing, they can move forward with more confidence about the mission that they now clearly understand.

It takes effort to find clarity and to discover what you've been hard wired to do.  Do you ever schedule down time to work on you?

The author of the article I've referenced above is the CEO of eBay.  He gets to unplug for 2 solid weeks while others at eBay keep the company running.  That sounds like a great plan but I have to admit that I don't get to unplug for 2 solid weeks.

In contrast, I just completed a call with the CEO of a start-up company in Silicon Valley. For his last start-up, he was the CEO for 12 years.  He joined the company when it had $1M in revenue and exited when revenue hit 1/2 Billion.

We talked about how he unplugs.  He told me that he goes to Hawaii.  While he is there, he gets up 2 hours before his family and takes care of business.  This happens for the first week and in the second week of his vacation, he suggested that those he left behind at the office generally figure out how to get things done without him so he gets to relax.

I politely pointed out to the CEO that if he was starting each vacation day with 2 hours of work he wasn't really unplugging at all.  He agreed.  We both laughed and went on with the intended purpose of talking about his exciting start-up security talent needs.

I add to the Security Recruiter Blog most weekdays.  There are times when I know things and other times when I don't know much.

Who is willing to share their thoughts on unplugging?  How do you unplug from the office? How often do you unplug from the office?  What do you do when you're unplugged from the office?

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