Thursday, July 25, 2013

Why You Should Always Have an Up-To-Date Resume

You might not have gone to work today with any thought whatsoever about leaving your current employer.  That’s how most people likely go to work.

Last week I interviewed a CISO who just completed a 7 year run with his most recent employer.  When he took on the CISO job 7 years ago, he went to work for a CEO who provided deep support for the building of an Information Security and IT Risk Management program.

Just 2 years ago, the CEO the CISO originally went to work for retired.  A new CEO was hired and she brought in many of her friends and placed them in key leadership positions.  The new CEO didn't care much about information security.  She supported turning what was a robust information security program into a check box organization that could do nothing more than pass external audits.

I’ve just gotten to know this CISO.  He's been in shock for quite a while.  His situation clearly changed and it is now time for him to exercise his freedom to make a change.

One of the first things he needed help with was security resume writing.  It had been a while since this CISO had written a resume and he knew that resume writing wasn't his core skill.  He ate a piece of humble pie and reached out for help.  He now has a resume that is clearly written, logically laid out and it demonstrates his value to the business in English that anyone in the business can understand and appreciate.

There are times when circumstances will change the trajectory of your career.  Since we can’t control circumstances, it’s always a good idea to be ready for Plan B.  

Who knows, maybe you’re happy with your current role and your boss is great.  However, today might be the day when a security recruiter makes your phone ring in order to talk about a career move you just can’t pass up. 

You don’t want to create a new security resume when the pressure is on.  Learn how to create a resume that wins and keep it up-to-date proactively.'s Security Recruiter Blog