Wednesday, July 17, 2013

You’re on LinkedIn for Networking or Job Searching…How Easily Can a LinkedIn User Contact You?

If you’re on LinkedIn and you’re interested in networking and/or you’re in an active job search, consider how easy or how difficult you’ve made it for others to communicate with you.

As a daily user of LinkedIn since 2004, I frequently run across LinkedIn profiles that contain words where the profile owner suggests that interested parties use email to contact them.  That’s a great idea if there was an email address showing for someone to use to contact the LinkedIn user.

If you really want to leverage the power of LinkedIn for networking and you’ve chosen to not share an email address with other LinkedIn users, consider adding a phone number to your LinkedIn profile.  Most people in business today will send an email as a first point of contact. 

In my case for example, I receive up to 1000 emails per day. I’d much rather hear from you on my telephone or in the worst case, in my voice mail.  That’s why you’ll find my phone number on my LinkedIn profile and in all of my Security Recruiter Blog posts.

Just a thought  that came to my mind last week when I was in Park City, UT and found a security professional in Park City whom I wanted to meet.  

Although his LinkedIn profile suggested that he was some sort of power networker, there wasn't a phone number on his profile for me to call and there wasn't an email on his LinkedIn profile for me to use.  I had to use an InMail and my intended audience apparently hasn't picked up his InMail yet.  I’m no longer in Park City, UT so meeting face-to-face is no longer a simple option.

I very likely had a piece of business to share with this Park City based LinkedIn user but I had no way to connect with the user.  I still have the piece of business to share but this user may never know what I have to share.

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