Thursday, August 08, 2013

CISO Resume Writing is not General IT Resume Writing

My career started in 1990 recruiting COBOL, Assembler and RPG programmers.  I worked in general IT recruiting through the 1990s.  My first information security search arrived around 1995.  I’ve been working in the Information Security and high-level Corporate Security realms ever since that first information security search landed on my desk in 1995.

I’ve seen advertisements for CISO Resume Writing.  As I clicked the links, I landed on websites that talked about CISO resumes in the same manner as IT resumes were discussed.

If you’re a CISO and you’re even considering the help of a professional resume writing service, do yourself a favor and ask questions:

  • Has the resume writer ever filled a CISO job?
  • Does the resume writer understand the broad audience that might review a CISO’s resume?
  • Does the CISO resume writer have references from CISOs who have received interviews after their new resume opened doors?
  • Does the CISO resume writer understand the dynamics of a CISO’s job?

Over the past 5 years, I’ve taken on CISO and CSO resume writing clients who have paid in excess of $1,000.00 to a “professional resume writer” to get a professionally written resume.  

Why would these people come to me after they've already invested $1,000.00 or more? 
Their “professionally written resumes” weren't opening doors.

The measure of any resume writing methodology is whether the resume writing approach leads to open doors for interviews.  Here is what a securityresume writing client recently shared:

This is outstanding and exactly what I was looking for.  I am guessing you have invested more time into this than you expected, and I do appreciate that."
How about this recent client’s comments:
“Just going through this exercise has already brought back a little more of my confidence. For that I am forever grateful.”
Don’t be fooled.  An IT resume is similar to a CISO resume but it isn't the same. 

I'm as passionate about helping my job coaching clients to reach their goals as I am in scoring goals or assisting my skating buddy Gary to score goals in a hockey league.  The puck drops at 9:15 PM tonight.  My Red team skates against the team we most enjoy beating!

Choose your resume writing partner once and choose wisely.

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